5 Sports Stars with Unusual Hobbies

Sometimes, we see sports players and think, “wow, how great is it that they get paid to do their hobby”. However, in reality, their day at the office is something we see as time off enjoying our hobbies. Therefore, it’s no surprise that sports stars find interesting pastimes to fill the time away from work. If you’re itching to know what five notable sports stars get up to in their spare time, read ahead – you may find yourself feeling the need to explore some niche hobbies yourself. 

Mike Tyson

This famed savage boxer, known for his aggression in the ring, has surprisingly embraced the softer side of life since retiring. You likely already know that Tyson keeps a variety of animals, including a Tiger. However, his true love and passion for animals lays with pigeon keeping. The man confirmed that of all the animals he has kept, pigeons are the best. As unexpected hobbies go, this one is high on the list. The man should be careful he’s not bombarded with carrier pigeon fan mail – like a scene from Harry Potter. 

Roberto Kubica

This F1 superstar, known for competing for Renault, Williams, BMW Sauber, as well as landing himself a win at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix, is also considered to have a knack for poker. After an accident in 2011 left him unable to compete in Formula 1, he used poker as a tool for recovery and took up the game on a professional level. However, since then, the Polish racing legend made a landmark return to the track in 2019, driving under the Alfa Romeo banner. 

Fernando Alonso

This racing legend famed for driving under the Ferrari banner, Fernando Alonso, has a passion for magic tricks. According to the man himself, his parents bought him his first magician’s kit and go-kart, so they are responsible for two of his greatest passions. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see the man cutting people in half on one of the numerous world talent shows out there. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

When it comes to the Portuguese pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo, you likely assume he spends the majority of his time off the pitch smouldering into a mirror and posing for pictures. However, you’d be surprised to learn that the man loves nothing more than a thrilling game of bingo. Reportedly, there’s nothing better than the intensity of waiting on that last ball to arrive before you can shout BINGO! 

Hideki Matsui

Taking our list home is a rather niche hobbyist. Hideki Matsui, nicknamed Japan’s ‘Baseball Godzilla, is most known for his work with the baseball bat. However, it appears that the man has an impressive collection of pornography that would make Hugh Hefner turn in his grave. His hobby stretches far beyond a couple of top-shelf selects stowed away in his dresser. It is reported that his blue movie collection is at least 55,000 strong. Imagine the bookshelf needed to house that. 

On the surface, sports stars live a simple life of luxury. However, if we scratch a little beneath the surface, we find no end of interesting ways they spend their downtime.