7 Ways Essay Writing Helps Students Memorize Better

In this article, we shall help you understand how students can use the practice of writing essays to memorize better.

Writing is an exercise that combines multiple functioning. When students are naked to write an essay, the first thing they must do is start thinking.

Forming a structure requires the brain to think systematically. To top that, one also needs to follow grammar rules, form sentences, and keep the data in mind.

Therefore, essays demand a lot of work and a lot of mental exercises. As a result, students often take help from essay writing services like freshessays.com when they are unable to invest that much time due to other obligations.

However, if you decide to complete your writing assignments all by yourself, you need to practice and invest substantial time to make the exercise truly fruitful.

In this article, we shall help you understand how students can use the practice of writing essays to memorize better.

Improving Memory With Essay Writing

As stated above, writing is one of the greatest brain exercises. Therefore, it helps improve the power to retain information, incidents, and emotions better.

Given below are the different ways writing an essay helps stimulate the brain so as to improve its memory—

1. Improves Your Cognitive Power

Because it combines visual, motor, and cognitive abilities, writing by hand is a crucial activity for children’s cognitive development.

According to studies, children who learn to write letters and shapes by hand perform better than those who utilize mechanical methods.

Children’s cognitive abilities may be improved, and writing exercises can improve their expression and composition.

According to research, students who write by hand have better literacy abilities and do better than those who don’t. This advantage extends to adults as well as youngsters.

2. Helps You Stay More Focused

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is activated while writing by hand, which increases creativity and productivity.

This mechanism serves as a filter for sensory data, “deciding” which information should be kept and which should be rejected.

Writing by hand can enhance creativity and offer writers greater control over their thoughts by activating the RAS.

Writing by hand helps to activate RAS, enabling the person to concentrate and concentrate without interruption, enabling them to achieve a state of flow, and improving their ability to concentrate.

3. Enhances Creativity

Writing by hand encourages greater knowledge of the subject matter and an orderly approach to communication, which are necessary for creativity. Creativity also involves analysis, comprehension, memory, and insight.

Research in cognitive science and neuroscience has revealed a link between writing by hand and creativity. Students were put through tests by psychologists at the University of Washington to see and grasp the distinctions between writing by hand and typing.

The researchers discovered that kids who wrote their texts in notebooks consistently generated more words in less time than those who typed on keyboards.

Brain imaging studies revealed a deeper relationship between handwriting and idea production than previously believed, with youngsters who write better demonstrating more neural activation in the brain regions linked to creativity.

4. Acts As A Mental Stimulation

According to studies, keeping your mind active can both lessen your chance of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and decrease its progression.

Reading, playing card games, and other intellectually demanding hobbies can all assist in maintaining our brains healthy and working properly as we age. The same goes for the practice of essay writing.

Synaptic pruning can result from a reduction in neuronal circuits caused by infrequently used actions and information.

In fact, by not exercising your brain, you can be inadvertently aiding in its deterioration.

You will be able to learn more rapidly and effectively in the future because of this stimulation’s contribution to the strengthening and maintenance of neural networks.

5. Helps Expand Vocabulary

Writing undoubtedly expands your vocabulary. If you’re writing a two thousand words long essay, you might feel the need to use certain words and phrases too many times.

But for your essay to not look repetitive, it is important that you use a variety of words and express your ideas in multiple ways.

This demands expanding your vocabulary right away. If you stick to this activity, you can slowly build up your own vocabulary with words of your choice and create a style that would represent you.

When you try to memorize synonyms and different techniques to present one single idea, it stimulates your brain and improves your memory to a great extent.

6. Helps Reduce Stress

Writing and journaling your daily life are some of the classic and known techniques to reduce stress and come to peace with yourself.

It is a practice recommended by researchers and psychological counselors to people with emotional turbulences.

If teachers make their students write essays in class, it can also be a huge stress buster and brain stimulator that can help them clear out their minds.

For example, after a text has been taught in class, usually there’s a chance that students will feel exhausted. At this moment, if you ask the students to write their viewpoints in the form of an essay, it can help them overcome that burnout immediately, where they get their own space to express the lesson just learned.

Once the mind is clear from all the stress and fatigue, students can remember their lessons better.

7. Improves Brain Functioning

By creating new neural connections, essay writing can enhance the brain’s ability to take in, process, retain, and retrieve information.

By making the brain remember facts from memory, it also enhances memory and knowledge retention and allows for a deeper comprehension of the subject.

Writing physically causes the brain’s comprehension-related regions to become active. The writer is actively forming connections between various bits of information and deepening their comprehension of the subject as they arrange their ideas and put them on paper.

Additionally, students are exposed to a lot of material, which helps them learn more and remember it longer than if they had simply read it.

Write Essays To Keep Your Mind Active

It is important for all young students to keep their brains stimulated and active. Writing is the best way to achieve this goal.

Writing essays serve a dual purpose— it helps them have an active brain; it helps them remember lessons and excel in their academic journey.

As a parent or teacher, it is your duty to get children habituated to the writing activity. It will be one of the best gifs for them when they pursue higher studies and research work.

Writing simply makes it easier to put forth your emotions and understanding of different subjects.