A Glimpse at Car Culture in Dubai (UAE)

Dubai (UAE) is new to the technological world, but in recent years, Dubai (UAE) has emerged as one of the leading hubs of technological advancements throughout the world. It has become home to most of the innovative industry. Similarly, the culture of cars is not too old here in Dubai (UAE).

The car culture here is amazing as most of the cars here are made by the local industry. There are not too many luxurious cars on the road. Dubai (UAE) is an ideal place to be a car enthusiast. You can import the car of your own choice from modern countries like the UAE, USA, etc. 

Here is a glimpse of the car culture of Dubai (UAE). Read till the end to find out everything you need to know about Dubai (UAE)’s car culture. 

Cars made by Local Industry

You might be amazed to learn that almost all the cars that you see on the roads of Dubai (UAE) are made in Dubai (UAE). Meaning, 85 percent of all the cars in Dubai (UAE) are made by the local automotive industry. This clearly shows the technological advancements of the country and its ability to be independent of other countries.

A large part of the county’s cars is made by two leading brands, Kia, and Hyundai. They make almost 80 percent of all the local cars. That is why it is rare that you find any other car brand besides these two. These industries offer a wide range of vehicles to their customers.

This is a high percentage compared to other countries. Most countries rely on importing their vehicles. A large part of vehicles in countries like America are not locally made, they are imported from other countries. Although they may assemble some parts locally, the important parts such as the engine are imported. But that is not the case in Dubai (UAE).

Few luxurious cars

Dubai (UAE) is not a place to go if you are looking for luxurious cars. Although the cars here have a smooth drive, they are not luxurious. Since most of the cars here are locally made, you will rarely find any luxurious cars. There are few German imported cars that you may see on the roads. But that is about it.

Some younger generation drivers ride high-speed vehicles. Most of these cars are generated. But the number of these cars on the road is quite low.

Everyone prefers the newer model

Driving an older model car is considered a sign of being poor in Dubai (UAE). That is why, as soon as they think their car is getting a bit older, the natives exchange it for a newer model. 

Instead of getting the car repaired, natives prefer to get a new one. Not only does it help save a huge amount of money, but it also enables them to always use the latest technology. Who wants to use the old tech when you have easy access to the latest one? 

A person driving a car with a slightly older model is stared everywhere they go. So, it is better to get a new model as soon as your previous one starts to get older.

Black and White Automotive Life, literally

Dubai (UAE) is one of the most colorful countries in the world. The infrastructure there is a combination of great colors. But when it comes to cars, their life is black and white, literally.

A huge part of the cars on the road here are either black or white. It is like they forgot about all the other colors while making the car. You may see some grey cars, but that too is quite close to black.

The only colorful car you will find there is orange, and that is the cab. Some public transport buses have green color paint. But almost all the privately owned cars are either black or white.

Ban on Japanese Cars

Japanese cars are used all over the world. They have great comfort and drive. But there are not any Japanese cars in Dubai (UAE). That is because Japanese cars are banned in Dubai (UAE).

The reason behind the ban is the harsh political background of the two countries. Although some people try to sneak past the custom agencies to Japanese cars, that is highly illegal. And entails a huge fine if caught. So, people tend to stick to legal options and buy a local car instead.

Ban on Personal Performance Tuning

To the surrounding others, there is a ban on personal performance tuning on cars in Dubai (UAE). To make sure that the rule is followed, the vehicles are randomly stopped and checked by the transportation authorities.

Performance tuning is allowed in some cases but requires permission from the government. That again is a long and hard procedure, and there is a good chance that the request might be denied. If you can get the all-clear from the government, only then can you reach out to a registered mechanic and get the upgrades.

This ban is not only in Dubai (UAE) but in some other countries as well. Still, various races are happening in Dubai (UAE) with upgraded cars.


Dubai (UAE) is new to the car culture. There are not many luxurious cars here. But the best thing about Dubai (UAE) is that 80 percent of the cars here are built by local industries. Most of the cars have either black or white color, which makes the car culture quite dull. It is safe to say that Dubai (UAE) is not a great place to visit if you are a car enthusiast.

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