Christine Coleman

By Christine Coleman

Good morning

Things in Rwanda are going bad to worse for political opponents.

We are fearing that Opposition leaders Victoire Ingabire and Bernard Ntaganda could be killed anytime

As you heard they were recently harassed, their house ransacked and some electronic material seized.

This happened after a supporter of Ingabire who happened to stay away went missing after unkown people abducted him.

In our opinion what the Government of Rwandan under the command of President Paul Kagame is doing is a prelude to a possible murder of those two opposition leaders.

They are doing this to try and test the international community’s reaction to Rwandan police’s action.

If the international community keeps quiet about their ordeals they will be made to disappear or be killed under pretext that they were trying to leave the country in the same way Kizito Mihigo was killed.

While the world is distracted by the Coronavirus pandemic,the government of President Paul Kagame is using the situation to obtain donations of millions of dollars that are used for military subversive purposes such as sending soldiers to Congo where serious crimes against humanity are being perpetrated against both Rwandan refugees and Congolese citizens

The donations are also used to upscale the tensions between Rwanda and Burundi.

I think international donors need to be made aware of what their money is being used for so that tomorrow they don’t say they didn’t know.

Please share this message to whoever you think can assist in rescuing suffering Rwandans especially Hutus who are gradually being killed and discriminated by the the current Rwandan apparteid system that was introduced by President Paul Kagame.

Thanks very much