A series of appointments and dismissals in Rwandan Defence Leadership

Maj Gen Aloys Muganga former Reserve Force Chief of Staff is dismissed

In a recent series of appointments and dismissals, President Paul Kagame has implemented significant changes in the country’s defense leadership. The reshuffling, announced in a statement from the Office of the President on June 5, includes key positions within the Ministry of Defence and the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).

One of the notable changes is the appointment of Juvénal Marizamunda as the new Minister of Defence, succeeding Maj Gen Albert Murasira. Marizamunda, who previously served as the Commissioner General for Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS).

Furthermore, Lt Gen Mubarakh Muganga has been named the new Chief of Defence Staff, taking over from Gen Jean-Bosco Kazura, who had held the position since November 2019. Muganga, previously serving as the Army Chief of Staff in the RDF.

To fill the vacancy left by Muganga, Maj Gen Vincent Nyakarundi has been promoted to the position of Army Chief of Staff. Nyakarundi, previously headed the Defence Intelligence division in RDF.

In addition, President Kagame appointed Maj Gen Alex Kagame as the Joint Taskforce Commander in Mozambique, replacing Maj Gen Eugène Nkubito, who has been serving in that capacity since August 2022.

Among other changes, Lt Colonel Augustin Migabo was promoted to Colonel and appointed as the Deputy Commander of the Special Force Command, which is currently under the leadership of Maj Gen Ruki Karusisi.

President Kagame also authorized the dismissal of several officers, including Maj Gen Aloys Muganga former Reserve Force Chief of Staff, Brig Gen Francis Mutiganda, and 14 other officers. Furthermore, the President approved the dismissal of 116 other ranks and the rescission of service contracts for 112 other ranks. These dismissals and contract terminations take immediate effect.