Advertisement – The key to growth and success

How to advertise on Instagram?

It is the time when everybody expects their product to rank first in the race. The value of your product/service increases when you advertise your product as it helps in reaching more people. What could be more efficient than using Instagram? Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms, these days and has proved to be a sales booster for products. People are using Instagram more than ever now, as it has a much larger audience than any other platform, i.e. 928 million people use it, and Instagram advertisements are a vital tool for any online business.

How Instagram Advertising helps businesses?

It explores your business; many people who have an interest in your products will come to know about your business. It will help you to grow faster on such a platform having video ads. It will boost up your sales.

The Cost Of Instagram Advertisements

There is no such fixed cost of Instagram advertisements; you can go with any budget that your pocket allows. But yes, a low budget means slightly less audience than the larger store. If you want to spend $50 a week, then you can do that, or if you’re going to spend $5000 a week, you can do that too. Instagram always tries to make your advertisement reach a much higher audience as it can, in your budget. You can still track the number of people who interacted with your posts and stories in the impressions option available beneath the post. Also, the cost and audience of these advertisements vary from place to place and time to time.

The type of Instagram advertisements:

Instagram provides various varieties of advertisements and thereby makes advertising more efficient. The promotions available on Instagram are IGTV advertisements, Video advertisements, pictorial advertisements, carousel advertisements, collection advertisements, and Instagram shopping advertisements.

Which advertisement should you choose?

This question arises when we get to know about the variety of advertisements available. To choose the best promotions for your company, you need to understand what your product offers. You can select video advertisements if you are submitting an enormous service to people.

Frankly, it is seen that the advertisements which have video content in it, tend to engage more audience and bring more traffic to your product. So, it is always advised to put a video in your ad. It can be very hectic to put forward a video sometimes; also, the video editing apps that are available in the market are costly and require a high-end machine to run them.

If you have a low budget and you don’t know how to edit the video, then you’ll hire a person for it, and they also charge a high price which is again not in the budget.

The more reliable video editing website

Seeing the condition of the people who are new in the business and could not afford to edit the video with the high-end video editing apps, A company Video creek came up which is an online tool for video editing. It has taken the idea of video editing to a whole new level. You can edit your video online now, it is a lot easier to use as it has all the tools available straight on the first screen as you open the site, you do not require any high-end graphics or features on your pc, and it is easily accessible.

How Can Videocreek Help You?

Well, if you want to advertise your product on Instagram, then you probably want to put video content as an advertisement for your work. So, you can use this tool as an Instagram video editor. It has a lot of transition that looks pretty attractive and engaging. This video editor can help you to bring in a considerable profit for your business. The five-step guide to using Instagram advertisements

1.     Know your product:  Before moving ahead to advertise, observe what your product is about and if your work adds value to people’s lives. It will help in expressing the idea of your product with more clarity.

2.     Create a professional profile: If you have an existing I’d then switch it to a business account, or create a new profile so that when any person clicks on the page, he gets to know what your business idea is about, and this will tend him to engage with your page, and ultimately he will buy your service.

3.     Determine the budget: Frankly, any budget is right for you. You can put the advertisements on Instagram with a low budget, too, though the budget is directly proportional to the engagements. You can also keep track of the engagements of the posts in the insights option.

4.     Set up the advertisement: once you’re ready with the budget, you can set your advertisement objective, target audience, and advertisement format within the advertising manager.

5.     Publish: if you want to target the audience in the western part of the earth, then you should publish your advertisement night time, and if your target audience lives on the eastern side then you should post it in the daytime.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can advertise your product on Instagram.


The coming era is the era of social media, and it is never too late to start advertising on social media. Even small companies advertise their product on social media, and if you advertise your product on Instagram, then it would be an icing on the cake.