After Hutu refugees, RPF is killing now congolese tutsi refugees in Rwanda.

By Donat Gapyisi

What you see happening in KIZIBA (KIBUYE) congolese tutsi refugee camp in Rwanda has been happening many times in the eastern DRC forests on Rwandan hutu refugees. The killer is the same, THE EXTREMIST RPF TUTSI.

This RPF of extremist tutsis invaded Rwanda in 1990. It killed hutu population in Byumba and Ruhengeri and tutsis known as “Abagogwe” in 1993 (to tarnish the image of Habyarimana government and creating tension between ethnic groups) before setting fire on very highly charged ethnic groups by shooting down the presidential jet on the 6th April 1994.

This RPF refused to honour Arusha peace accord and chose the bullet to solve Rwandan conflict. It infiltrated rwandan youth and reached all corners of the country sending commandos ( Gen Karake Karenzi commandos in utugari). These commandos controlled the killings of 1994.

It is RPF that refused any foreign intervention to come to the rescue of Rwandans who were being killed in the inter-ethnic massacres that followed the downing of the presidential jet. RPF refused to UN to send troops to Rwanda in April 1994.

Please remember the massacres of Kibeho in 1995, refugee camps in DRC in 1996-7, killings of hutus in the villages calling them interahamwe, hunting and killing refugees in eastern DRC forests for last 20 years, Rweru case and other atrocities during Abacengezi.
Who can tell me a single RPF extremist tutsi that has been tried for genocide or crimes against humanity?

UN and UNHCR have been there. The 2010 UN mapping report that compiled all crimes of war committed in the great lakes region between 1993 and 2003 IS STILL CLOSED.
We all hear the third name by UN of non-investigated Rwandan tragedy to be “genocide against tutsi”. A new thing indeed!

The same RPF is killing congolese tutsi refugees in Rwanda.

My take is that we should not expect any thing different from RPF members if killing innocent people has been seen as a very important thing for accessing the African wealth by the rich and the powerful.