Algerian Ambassador to Kinshasa Summoned Following Algerian Army Chief’s Visit to Rwanda

The Algerian Ambassador to the DRC, Mohamed Yazid Bouzid and the Congolese Foreign Affairs Minister, Christophe Lutundula.

Kinshasa, February 27, 2024 – The Algerian Ambassador to Kinshasa, Mohamed Yazid Bouzid, was summoned by DRC authorities on Monday, February 26, 2024. The meeting, held with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Francophonie, Christophe Lutundula, aimed to seek clarification regarding the visit of the Algerian People’s National Army Chief of Staff, Army General Saïd Chanegriha, to Kigali, Rwanda, on February 20, 2024.

This diplomatic engagement underscores the DRC’s vigilance over its national security and its cautious approach towards any international engagements that could potentially influence the volatile situation in the Great Lakes region. The DRC’s action comes amidst a backdrop of heightened tensions, particularly in the North Kivu province, where DRC forces, supported by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) nations, are confronting the M23 rebels, who are reportedly backed by the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF).

The Algerian Army Chief’s visit to Rwanda included a series of official engagements, most notably his visit to the RDF Headquarters where he was received by General MK Mubarakh, the RDF Chief of Defence Staff, and the Rwandan Minister of Defence, Juvenal Marizamunda.

General Chanegriha’s statements to the media highlighted the intention to bolster Algerian-Rwandan military cooperation, emphasizing the importance of confronting shared challenges within the African and neighboring geopolitical landscape. “Our communication has always been continuous, and with this visit, our connection will be even more strengthened,” he remarked, signaling a desire for deeper collaboration.

The DRC’s diplomatic outreach to the Algerian ambassador is part of its broader strategy to maintain a stance of aggressive diplomacy against any nation or organization perceived to be cooperating with Rwanda in manners that could threaten its security.