Alliance with FDLR is a normal action : PS Imberakuri


In reference to the alliance with Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and Rwandan Dream Initiative (RDI), made official on January 12, 2014 and January 14, 2014 respectively, P.S-Imberakuri (The Socialist Party Imberakuri), there by accepted to join forces with the political parties above in effort to bring a last long peaceful solution for our country Rwanda and the entire region.

Based on the information coming from various Rwandan government institutions, The Socialist Party Imberakuri is hereby announcing to all Rwandan citizens and friends the following:

The January 12, 2014 was the official date PS imberakuri publically announced its alliance with FDLR, under the acronym FCLR-Ubumwe. Common Front for the Liberation of Rwanda, And Ubumwe stands for Unity. The fact that the alliance was an agreement between both parties, in addition with RDI in the effort to join hands for a peaceful struggle, PS Imberakuri sees it as a normal action. On contrary continuing to compromise unity, reinforces the government of Kigali in his arbitrations, kidnapping, as well oppressing Rwandan people. PS joined forces with the parties above, to demand peace talks, because we believe that it is the only way Rwandans can resolve their problems, brought upon them by the actual regime in Kigali The fact that numerous officials took time in media to condemn aggressively this alliance is not a surprise.

It would be very miraculous, if they were going to go along with our decision. The positive outcome from this alliance is that it was overwhelmingly welcomed by the Rwandan people, inside and outside the country. This alliance was overdue, and political parties have contemplating of coming together in such manner for a long time. On the other hand, terror tactics by the officials from Kigali is nothing new to Rwandan people, and should not discourage anyone, or disrupt our daily struggle for the wellbeing of our Country, which PS Imberakuri, FDLR, RDI and other political parties are asking for.

In addition to Kigali terror Tactics, the rumors they have spread in media that FDLR is listed as Terrorist Group, are lies and not documented anywhere. Those rumors are design to deny Rwandans liberty to choose their own destiny. Furthermore, that attitude by Kigali should not come as a surprise, once Kigali decides to put an end to these ridiculous allegations. After nearly twenty years RPF led regime has finally stop denying the existence of ethnic groups in Rwanda.

It is time that every Rwandan who feels oppressed by The RPF regime stands up and display courage, help bring to an end this RPF’s tyranny and terror. I urge all Rwandan people to join hands, and condemn RPF’s oppressive acts against them, to unite and demand that every Rwandan around the world enjoys his rights and freedom in of his own country.

Let’s unite for the sake of truth

P.S Imberakuri