Ambassador Eugène Gasana Orders Inyenyeri News to Publicly Apologise for Misrepresentation

Dear Editor of Inyenyeri News,

This letter is in response to what I believe is your misrepresentation of the facts of the father of the child of the Rwandan Head of State “Ian Kagame”. In your publication dated 28/05/2016, under the heading “Ubusambanyi Ikambere : Ian Kagame ni mwene Eugene Gasana,”

As your newspaper is well known for negative, malicious and biasness against the Rwandan government, I request all the Rwandans to give your newspaper and the above publication the contempt it deserves.

My objective in this letter is to challenge the cause that your newspaper or anyone else involved with, or emotionally affected by, the hate-related incidents your paper has caused and portray against the Rwandan government and the first family in particular.

I’m also commenting on the effectiveness of the publication and also to shame; discredit your newspaper with how it has been and still attacking the Rwandan government with biasness and malice.

This is solely a response to what I believe was a gross misrepresentation of the real father of Ian Kagame by your newspaper. I’m therefore writing this letter asking you to make a formal and public apology for your actions.

While you have every right to express your opinions in whatever manner you desire, you have a responsibility, foremost before that right, to uphold your office in accurately in publishing facts not rumours and falsehood. Your newspaper should act with validity, maturity, and respect for not only respecting privacy but also uphold professional journalism.

Your actions in the above publication, however, show great disrespect not only for President Paul Kagame, but for all Rwandans. You have touted the values of respect, and have purported to have a strong desire to ensure all voices are heard. And yet, you denied our President that very right and me, you instead misrepresented the fact that Ian Kagame is a true child of President Kagame.

Your actions display an insulting arrogance. You thoughtlessly took the national stage to push your own viewpoints without considering the fact that the overwhelming majority of Rwandans disagree with your view. You have publicly tarnished not only your reputation, but the reputation of my integrity, our country and the Rwandan first family. I hope that you understand the gravity of this situation, and that you take seriously my request for a formal, public apology. It is up to you how you reconcile your beliefs and actions with the reality and professional journalism, and I hope you think deeply about how your actions affected, and will continue to affect, us all.

Ambassador Eugene Gasana.