An Interpol officer involved in Kizito Mihigo’s death.

In his own voice, while he was in prison, the late Kizito Mihigo stated that prior to his unlawful detention, he was tortured, the generals and those high ranking officials, such as ministers, the Vice President of Rwandan  senate took turn in torturing him. Notable Among them is a woman called Ines Mpambara, who was the chief of staff in Kagame’s office.

In the recently cabinet reshuffle, she was appointed the minister in charge of the cabinet affairs.

Another notable figure, is Theos Badege who was then the police spokesman and is currently working for the Interpol, Lyon in France.

Theos Badege

What was done in the dark , has come out in the light, Kizito Mihigo spoke and he is still speaking.

We appeal to the Interpol to swiftly deal with this allegedly criminal by the name of Theos Badege.


For Ines Mpambara, she is among those 60% women whom Kagame has promoted, promoted to torturing an innocent man like Kizito Mihigo who did nothing wrong , but promoting real reconciliation. For now Ines Mpambara is untouchable.

But one day but soon, she will account for this.

Jeanne Mukamurenzi

Ishema Party,  Norway