An open letter to the President of the United States of America.

His Excellency President Donald Trump
Washington DC, USA.

Dear Mr President,

I am writing this present mail to you in the behalf of the PRA Group.

In fact, we are a group of Political Rwandan Activists seeking democracy, justice and good governance in Rwanda as well as in the Great Lakes region in general.

Now we would like to tell you about the story of Rwanda and the real cause of political unrests in central east African countries which, of course, is the impunity towards the RPF and Kagame’s war crimes and genocide committed against the Rwandan society from the 1990s up to the present day.

Today as the witnesses about the massacres which wrought havoc in Rwanda are coming to the public on a gradual basis, the Government of Rwanda is desperately seeking defense. The regime in place has decided to run all over the place slaying those whom it suspects to know the reality of the Rwandan questions to make sure no witness survives, at the same time disinterring the human remains wherever they are in the country affirming that they are Tutsi killed by the vanquished Hutu army and the militia Interahamwe.

Tangible evidences from well documented sources provided by the former masterminds of the RPF/RPA now in exile show that the RPF/RPA and its Commander-in-Chief Major General Paul Kagame massacred hundreds of thousands of Hutu!

Reports of UN researchers and experts, UN Mapping Report on DRC of 2010, various writings like the recent book of the investigative Canadian journalist Judi Rever confirm that the RPF/RPA committed war crimes and genocide. That is explained by the number of the living Tutsi added to the number of the dead supplied by the RPF government which far surpasses the total number of the Tutsi who lived in Rwanda in 1994.

Let us consider the case of Gisozi Genocide Memorial which contains 250,000 human skulls. These figures cannot be from the former prefecture of the city of Kigali as the current regime claims. Indeed, the total population of Kigali City was, according to the census of 15 August 1991, 221.806 persons of which 81.4% were Hutu and 17.9% Tutsi. Using a figure of 3.2% growth per annum, the total population of Kigali City was around 240.000 inhabitants in 1994 taken at its maximum, with the Tutsi population being estimated at 50.000 persons at its highest. This figure does not accord with the 250,000 skulls exposed at the Gisozi Memorial, especially when one reckons that many of the Tutsi in Kigali survived the war. The numbers of skulls is even more incomprehensible when one admits that the city of Kigali has other memorials notably those of Nyanza-Kicukiro and Rebero where other thousands of remains are exposed. This example shows how the RPF regime manipulates the figures of genocide victims on a national level.

It is known that the incumbent President of Rwanda always committed grave crimes aiming to pass the buck on the regime of President Juvenal Habyarimana and hence aiming to earn himself sympathy from the international community. Such was the case in the political assassinations of Felician Gatabazi, Chairman of the PSD Party, Emmanuel Gapyisi, one of the high officials of the MRND Party, Landouard Ndasingwa who was the Chairman of the PL Party, the massacres of Tutsi in Mudende and Bigogwe (1991-1993), etc. The fact that Paul Kagame sent his commandos to infiltrate political parties and associate with the Interahamwe militiamen also shows his part in the crimes perpetrated against Rwandan people.

There are many documents that show in details some names of the many members of the RPF/RPA whom Major General Paul Kagame sent on missions of infiltration and the areas where they committed murders.

President Kagame and his supporters threaten to death whoever that reveals their cruelties and they trump up charges for genocide negationism against the opponents of the RPF regime who seek justice for all Rwandans. We cannot pass without highlighting that Major General Paul Kagame is the catalyst for the abortion of the democratic process in Africa’s Great Lakes region. He’s directly associated with the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye of Burundi, the first Hutu president democratically elected and the assassination of President Laurent Désiré Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Many information sources of harmonious evidence from the circle of President Paul Kagame confirm that it’s Paul Kagame who ordered to shoot down the plane of President Juvenal Habyarimana in which his Burundian counterpart Cyprien Ntaryamira and crew perished on 6 April 1994.

It is known that after the shooting down of the presidential jet, mass displacements and mass killings, war crimes and genocide crimes followed. The naming of those crimes has been modified three times during the last two decades and for the third time Kagame and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu made a deal so that the crimes might take the name of “the crimes of genocide against Tutsi” and not “the crimes of genocide against Rwandans.”

If it is proved that the families of the Tutsi ethnic group mobilized their children and sent them off on the side of the RPF/RPA to wage war against the Hutu regime, then Israel has to prove in which context the Tutsi genocide is comparable to the Jewish genocide! In every state of cause, not to designate the Rwandan crimes as “Rwandan genocide” reveals injustice. It is known that the international community established the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) to judge the criminals of both sides (RPF/RPA and MRND/FAR) and then to enable the process of reconciliation not only among Rwandans but even among the people of the whole region. On the one hand, although the suspects were labelled génocidaires before being tried, the ICTR closed its doors without finding a single case in which the Hutu regime planned the genocide against the Tutsi. On the other hand, the Court was not authorized to try the members of the RPF regime made of senior officers in the RPA with Major General Paul Kagame as the head.

Therefore, not only those who are suspected of shooting down the jet would be brought before justice but also the officials of the RPF Party ought to be judged for the crimes perpetrated against the Hutu and the Tutsi as well. Everybody acquiesces to the truth that Africa’s Great Lakes region is one among the world’s richest regions in natural resources, but the international community as well as the indigenous peoples cannot enjoy these riches if injustice and impunity continue.

When President Paul Kagame prolonged his term in the office in spite of his entrenched dictatorship and antidemocratic system, the international community kept silent, something that made the rest of the African Presidents feel compelled to do the same. If the international community namely the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Canada and Belgium had stopped Paul Kagame to prolong his time in the office last year, it would have been a great beginning of democracy in the region! Actually Paul Kagame is the troublemaking engine in the Great Lakes region and it would be incomprehensible if the world goes on promoting the development of a clique of people who are the authors of war crimes and genocide in the region.

The more we cannot walk to bilateral reconciliation through the politics of lie, the more we cannot achieve development, peace and justice. If World Powers teach us democracy, good governance and the respect of human rights, that should be applied to Africa’s Great Lakes region starting by the dictatorial regime of President Paul Kagame who is suspected to be the main actor behind the death of four Presidents and to have committed the gravest crimes against humanity in the world. The fact that the RPF/RPA suspects have never been pursued till the present day unveils injustice, privileges impunity and hinders peace and lasting development.

The current state of affairs in Africa’s Great Lakes region does not facilitate large scale investments by great Powers. Therefore, the timely correction of the problems by impartial justice would be a priority!

Four things are desirable:

1) arrest the criminal Paul Kagame and his supporters in the crimes of the region;

2) pursue the former RPF members wherever they are in the world and prosecute them;

3) launch internationally independent investigations on the crash of the jet of President Juvenal Habyarimana and his crew;

4) impose democracy and good governance in Rwanda.

Indeed, the people of Rwanda would love to experience the American style of democracy, rule of law and lasting peace like all human beings around the earth. We Rwandans need to get fair justice and thus, walk to solid unity and genuine reconciliation.

Yours faithfully,

Jean Rukika
In the behalf of the PRA Group