Par Gakwerere

As the children of the first family arrived in Rwanda for the Easter holiday break on private jet, in one of criminal Paul Kagame’s Bombardier Global Express BD-700 jet. On the other hand, this was the same time, criminal Paul Kagame through prof Prof. Nshuti Manasseh were making the just James Musoni write all sorts of letters and being instructed to sign off his names from all crystal ventures bank accounts and all accounts where the money belongs to the first family.

Throughout his living memory, former super minister – James Musoni will never forget the past easter or month, it was a month made from hell, the month that he internally regrets why he ever met criminal Paul Kagame or for having worked for him at the expense of betraying and destroying the wider RPF family and ideals for sake of one man.

The first crystal ventures and RPF accounts where managed by the late Aloisea Inyumba and all Rwandans know how she mate her fate after serving her purpose, assassination through poison was her reward for serving Lucifer. Just watch what will happen to former de facto prime minister – super minister, James Musoni, especially after signing off all the bank accounts that holds criminal Paul Kagame’s cash/money. His one way ticket to the graveyard courtesy of his former master – Lucifer is on the horizon.

This time around, criminal Paul Kagame has decided to put the crystal venture and other business accounts under the control of his family. The bank accounts which are in different jurisdictions are now assigned to first daughter Ange Kagame and Hatari Sekoko who is criminal Paul Kagame’s nephew.

Hatari Sekoko manages different business interests on behalf of his uncle; i.e the business properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, mineral intetests in Angola, Central Africa, DR Congo and Guinea Conakry…etc. He is the optical centre of criminal Paul Kagame’s business empire.

For those who read the Panama papers about offsore accounts and tax heavens on the rich from politicians, mafias, criminals, chief executives of big corporations…etc, on how they exploit secretive offshore banking regulations to hide their wealth and avoid paying any single tax; must have read Hatari Sekoko among the names.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s nephew Hatari Sekoko was among the people who were mentioned in the Panama papers, he was among scrupulous individuals who were using the services of Mossack Fonseca, a law firm in Panama in order to hide stolen state funds on behalf of his uncle.

At the beginning of this week, the first sons returned back to USA after their eastern break holiday, as usual, transported by the private jet courtesy of oppressed tax payers. While on the other hand, the first daughter Ange Kagame, her cousin Hatari Sekoko and Nshuti Manasseh travelled to the eastern hemisphere to change the bank account names in different offshore jurisdictions.

They left Rwanda during past weekend for Seychelles, Shanghai in China and as I post this, the team left Doha – Qatar last night for Dubai – UAE then Kigali; where the first daughter will be transported on her own, by a private jet back to USA for the final semester of her master’s degree studies.

Criminal Paul Kagame sees the public purse as his personal wealth, he delusionally believes that Rwanda is his parental inheritance and the rest are merely squatters in his land – Rwanda. To this criminal, all Rwandans are MAVI YA KUKU except him and his family.