Anne Rwigara confronted Paul Kagame’s auctioneers

By Gakwerere

Anne Rwigara, “This factory financially supported the RPF during the war and after war. This factory was paying around 300 million Rwandan francs per month as tax. Our father was a senior supporter of RPF. The people that my father supported ended up killing him not for political reasons or being an enemy of the system, just because of his wealth.”

“Since his killing they have been grabbing every peace of our inheritance; starting with our numerous lands, destroying our 4 star hotel, closing – confiscating all our bank accounts including the money in the accounts and now, they are auctioning our cigarettes and other factory stocks which are worth over 1 Billion Rwandan francs. And after this, they will be coming for the jewellery of our wealth, the Cigarette factory which they have shut/closed for the last six months.”

Anne Rwigara is a young sister to incarcerated Diane Rwigara.

Anne Rwigara confronted Paul Kagame’s auctioneers who were conducting an illegal auction of the factory stocks. The stocks were bought by unanimous person at 500 million Rwandan francs for the stock which was worth above 1 Billion Rwandan francs