Another bad and unconstitutional law meant for Kagame’s political survival.

It has just come to my attention that some weeks ago, the Parliament passed a law prohibit political parties from receiving money from foreign organizations, countries, friends ….

The State has neither legitimate or rational interest in banning people – ESPECIALLY MEMBERS of the different parties that reside abroad – from making financial contribution (s) to their political parties. The State may have legitimate interest in ascertaining the sources of money – therefore the law should be focused on “disclosure” and accountability.

That law is bad and unconstitutional on its face!!!! Rwanda’s Constitution allows for double and/or multiple citizenship for Rwandans. Rwanda allows Rwandans to vote from countries of their domicile. Rwanda is a multiparty country; Rwandans vote according to their parties. Membership to a political party imposes some specific duties including, but not limited to, making financial contribution to the party.

If Rwandans abroad are allowed to be active in their parties and even vote for those parties, how can they be deprived of their right and duty to make financial contributions to their parties? The Rwandan constitution recognizes that personal property is inviolable.

By not allowing Rwandans to dispose of their personal property ( money) the way they deem it necessary, including making donations to the political parties to which they belong, the government of Rwanda is in violation of the constitution.

In the meantime, RPF is at liberty to receive funding from foreign countries and friends including receiving funds under Rwandans in diaspora!!!!

Dr Charles Kambanda