The shooting of Congolese Tutsi refugees in Kiziba Refugees’ Camp / Western Rwanda is another nail in Kagame’s coffin. President of Rwanda Major General Paul Kagame ignited insecurity in the Great Lakes region advancing the cause that Tutsi people’s rights were infringed upon, especially in DRC, making himself the Messiah of the oppressed but now the scapegoats of his selfish interests are exposing the perennial lie to the world. Kagame invaded Congo in 1996 on three grounds: To massacre Hutu refugees, to conquer diamond mines and to expand his Hima Empire. There was nothing like protecting Congolese Tutsi people.

To masquerade the truth, Kagame opened refugees camps in different Rwandan sites and he hosted the victims of wars he himself set aflame. Fortunately, his adventures turned out to success and lasted over two decades.

For years, Congolese Tutsi refugees have complained about the forceful enrollment of their youths in Rwandan army, Police and Kagame’s personal militias like CNDP and M23. They said that their children died in Kagame’s numerous battles aiming to plunder resources in the region but the bereaved families never saw the corpses of their missed ones nor received indemnities.

This week Congolese Tutsi refugees’ problems which had been palliated for long came to explode. Therefore, the refugees marched in protest from Kiziba to the UNHCR Headquarters in Kibuye. They were unarmed, peacefully protesting against a great deal of inhuman treatment inflicted upon them by the Kagame regime. These miserable refugees petitioned for refuge in other countries like Uganda, Canada and Australia where their refugees’right would be respected or be allowed to return to their birth country because they’d rather be killed by bullets than being starved to death. They bluntly uttered that they ran out of patience and to stay in Rwanda would be like taking a sojourn in the hell.

Instead of remedying to their petitions, the Government of Rwanda deployed the army and the Police to terrorize the refugees. They attacked these defenceless civilians like someone fighting a heavily armed enemy. Refugees have been beaten up, some were shot dead, pregnant women aborted and others delivered prematurely, children died as results of the tumultuous crowding and there have been other several casualties to say nothing of the disappearances.

In regard to this refugees’ crisis, the world should awake and get sensible to Kagame’s masquerades. On 31 December 2017, the UNHCR fell into the trap of Kagame’s lie and issued the Cessation Clause for Rwandan refugees yet it’s time to realize that Rwanda is not a safe place to return. If President Paul Kagame is killing people from his own ethnic group (Tutsi), what will happen to the Hutu he’s always given the bad name of “génocidaire” on the grounds of ethnophobia? Frankly, the UNHCR should deal with Kagame and tell him to stop confiscating Congolese Tutsi refugees.

To the Tanzanian Tutsi returnees of 2013, they should stop blaming anyone because they became victims of Kagame’s infamous plan to deploy more than seven thousand secret agents in Tanzania aiming to sabotage the security in that east African model of democracy and the scheme once revealed it resulted in the disadvantages of all Rwandans because it was not easy to distinguish between a spy and an ordinary Rwandan. So, the Tanzanian Government chased every Rwandan resident from its soil.

To the Burundian refugees of 2015, now it’s time to think big and go home before it gets too late. No guarantee that what is happening to the Congolese Tutsi refugees won’t happen to the Burundian Tutsi refugees. Kagame missed a coup in Burundi on 13 May 2015 and to shift his own blame, he instigated some Burundian refugees to take refuge in Rwanda showing the rest of the world that the Burundian Government was planning a genocide but now it’s time to tackle this lie and forsake it to backfire on its author.

It was wise of African immigrants in Israel to turn down Kagame’s offer of refuge in Rwanda. Factually, these immigrants found out that it was not a matter of humanism but slave trade.

Indeed, Rwanda is not a safe country. It claims to be an exporter of peace due to its negotiated UN peace missions around the world but at home the country is endlessly in a state of war. How could a country claim to be a haven place while it’s become a trouble-making industry in the region? Kagame hosts his cousin General Laurent Nkunda (the Adolf Hitler of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo) and General Godefroid Niyombare (his main conniver in the Burundian missed coup of 13/5/2015). Then, how could the region be secure while Rwanda has become the source of all evils?

Solemnly, let nobody pressure Rwandan refugees into repatriating against their will from wherever they are in the world because the country is under the dominion of a fascist rule.

Written by:
Jean Rukika,
A London-based independent activist
23 February 2018