Anti Kagame demonstration in Munich

By Gakwerere

The photos below was an anti Kagame demonstration in Munich which took place today, 17th/02/28, where Rwanda’s criminal ruler had attended the 54th edition of Munich Security Conference in Germany.

This security conference is intended for security chiefs in Europe and their allies. Than sending security chief(s), Rwanda’s mobile president who loves the air and spending tax payer’s money on unnecessary trips preferred to attend in person rather than sending any of his security goon.

It should be noted that criminal Paul Kagame was the only African leader present while other African countries sent their respective head of security organisations/agencies. Than sending his puppet General, Joseph Nzabamwita on his own, criminal Paul Kagame preferred to travel with him to Munich.

Now that Joseph Nzabamwita has travelled in Gulf stream 6 with his master, just imagine the level of impunity that he will level against innocent Rwandans. God will be the witness!!You may disagree with the criminal junta – Paul Kagame, but what he doesn’t do, it’s to act without a clear motive/plan or purpose. He knows why he took Joseph Nzabamwita.

Travelling to Munich with Gen Nzabamwita Joseph, it’s symbolic and a sign of trust to his trusted chief assassin and head of National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). Some will say that since it was a security conference, criminal Paul Kagame had to take a security chief for the conference.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true, because it’s the 4th conference that he has attended yet on previous occasions, he hasn’t travelled with any chief/goon from his numerous security agencies. There is an intrusive reason to why he travelled with Gen Joseph Nzabamwita to this conference.

However, during this conference, Rwanda’s criminal ruler mate a barrage of anti Kagame demonstration from different segments of the Germany society.