Authorities in Rwanda are back at it AGAIN.

By Claude Gatebuke

Authorities in Rwanda are back at it AGAIN. It’s been a week and a half since Mitsindo Viateur, a youth developer specializing in acrobatics, dissapeared and no one has seen him. This week, authorities claimed to have him in custody but no one has seen him. There is a high chance he has been tortured especially if we are to go by what they previously did to famous gospel singer Kizito Mihigo before imprisoning him, and eventually assassinating him in custody. With Kizito, it started with character assassination, then he was dissapeared for over a week, tortured physically and psychologically, then paraded in front of the media in handcuffs with no lawyer. He was forced under duress to confess to crimes the government accused him of. He ended up serving four years, released for a year and a half, re-arrested and killed within 4 days of his arrest in a police cell. The same is happening today to Mitsindo Viateur, who has been missing. If Rwandan authorities indeed have him in custody, the must have tortured him badly and are refusing to present him in bad physical state. If they haven’t they should release him immediately to his family. Instead, they have began character assassinating him and accusing him of belonging to some mysterious terror group, a charge brought against just about anyone whom the government has nothing to accuse of. At this point, until he’s released, we believe Mitsindo Viateur’s life is in danger at the hands of the government of Rwanda.

Speaking of character assassination, harrassment and preparation for jailing or dissappearance; officials of the government of Rwanda are also in full force attacks against a famous Rwanda singer and popular youtuber Karasira Aimable. Ministers in the government and known members of the ruling party (RPF) in Rwanda have been constantly harrassing him and calling for his arrest in recent weeks and months. They have so far succeeded in getting him fired from his job as a university lecturer for things he said ON YOUTUBE of all places. Karasira, a genocide survivor like Kizito has testified publicly about surviving the genocide. He has also testified about his family being killed by the RPF AFTER the genocide. As his popularity continues to grow and his views loved by a large segment of the Rwanda population at home and abroad, the government has begun accusing him of genocide denial; a genocide he says publicly that he survived. Only in Rwanda does a person say they survived the genocide and the government turns around and accuses them of denying that genocide!! It’s foolishness at best. But only if it stopped at foolisheness. This method of harrassment and character assassination is usually a precursor to mysterious dissappearances or jailing under trumped up charges. Here’s a warning about Karasira Aimable’s life as well.

If you are reading this and you live in the US, the UK, Canada, the EU; your tax dollars are actually contributing to this type of repression and human rights violations. We must all demand that our tax dollars supporting the government of Rwanda are stopped and leaders of Rwanda like Paul Kagame and his generals sanctioned for their crimes internationally. But even if you are not going to go that far FOR NOW, you can start by sharing this post and LET THE WORLD KNOW the plight of Rwandan people under Paul Kagame and the RPF with the support of Western governments.