We, Rwandans and especially CPC (Coalition of Rwandan parties for change) are extremely appalled by the recent rebuttals against BBC and, its brave and professional  journalist Mrs. Jane Corbin by the Rwandan regime’s junta mouthpieces and mercenary hooligans disguised as so-called scholars, scientists, researchers, journalists and historians.

The recent documentary film entitled “Rwanda’s untold story” aired by BBC is the heroic and autonomous act of journalism as the fourth pillar of democracy which deserves the support of international community and the world as whole because it instigates the way to eradication of impunity in Great Lakes Region of Africa.

First and foremost, CPC infinitely thanks BBC especially its reporter Mrs. Jane Corbin and her associates for their courage, audacity and willingness to expose the truth which is a great pillar to unbiased justice and a sustainable peace in Great Lakes Region.  You broke the conspiracy of silence by the crooked Western media as well as their supporters. It has been for long time the Western media had deviously told lies on Rwanda’s history of Genocide and many people swallowed them without digging for the truth which was really even available fora toddler.

But because of egotism and cynicism of some Western leaders and corrupted media by dictators of Africa notably serial criminal dictator President Paul Kagame, the impunity reigned and millions of innocent civilians have perished until now. For over two decades Rwandans were killed and subjected to daily torture and intimidation by the heavyweight criminal dictatorship of President Paul Kagame fully supported by USA, UK and its allies.

The international community specifically UN has given the green light to a notorious criminal regime of RPF to ravage the whole great lakes region by systematically killing Rwandans Hutus and Congolese Bantous people with full of impunity. UN and human rights organizations have produced numerous reports on these systematic massacres of RPF since 1990 both inside Rwanda and DR Congo but with RPF regime connivance these reports were hoarded in UN secrets places hence twisting international justice not to act accordingly.

CPC has been gone through the list of these so-called international academics; scholars, scientists, researchers, journalists and historians,  who rebutted the BBC bravery  act of  documenting on faked story of Rwanda and we found that these are opportunistic, greed and accomplices in one way or the other  in the sagacious wars and conflicts ravaged Great Lakes Region. They are really those people said to be with science but without conscience, as they are driven by their stomach rather than their conscience and humanity.

You can’t keep silent and get crooked by criminals to not speak out for more than 8 million of innocent civilians killed in Great Lakes Region unless you are psychopath as those criminals. Paul Kagame’s RPF regime had a cunning plan investing in mobilization of these so called international academics because he knew that he would curb BBC and any other international agency willing to investigate more on Rwanda’s ongoing killings and bodies thrown in lakes or burnt in forests by Kagame’s regime, hence gaining international audience and accreditation from his masqueraded accomplices as a hero of genocide.

The world has really gone crazy praising a man more dangerous than Adolph Hitler if resuscitated to rule the world or recommit the Holocaust. The problems of Rwandans are that the current junta wants to stay on power forever killing Rwandans. President Kagame Paul’s regime is always bloodthirsty to kill Rwandans and these are people he is supposed to protect wherever they are but what is shameful is that he calls for international community’s intervention to exterminate his people orchestrating them as genocidaires, genocide deniers, state defamers, genocide ideologists  and any other demonization against his people.

This is what  impunity does when the ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) made  biased justice it was promoting impunity, hence international justice allowing the unquenched bloodthirsty President Kagame Paul to kill anyone he want. We Rwandans know our real history and what we need to end these tragic sagas.

All we need from international community is to support the truth and people’s motives to embrace democracy and real justice instead of cynically befriending dictators like Paul Kagame, who  with his RPF system  promote criminality and international terrorism to the level he surpassed Adolph Hitler. We urge all journalists to act professionally as fourth democracy pillar and deeply ponder before getting bribed by these monsters because if you accept to fabricate lies, you are endangering lives of innocent people and your profession career.

Last but not least we extend our deep gratitude to Jane Corbin and her associates who made this event a reality and we urge BBC not to respond to RPF government blackmails, instead keep focused on Rwanda because there are ongoing mass killings and disappearances Kagame’s regime doesn’t want the media to cover.

With our highest regards!



Secretary General

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