Best Instagram Growth Hacks for Getting Instant Followers

If you’re new to Instagram and want to become popular on this platform by getting some genuine followers as soon as possible, then you are at the right place. With tons and tons of creators joining Instagram to grab the users’ attention, it has become even more difficult to make your brand a name worth remembering. So we have curated a list of effective methods that will not only help you gain followers but also keep your engagement high. So dive right in to know more about how to gain Instagram followers instantly without spending a fortune!

  • Use Instagram stories to your advantage 

Instagram stories help you connect with your Instagram followers and get their opinions easily. Moreover, if you’re unable to post on some days, you can make up for it by posting updates from your day so that your engagement doesn’t drop due to inactivity. You can also use them to promote your posts and share stories when people mention or tag you. People might miss out on your posts but can always watch your stories in their free time as it does not require endless scrolling and you can also create highlights so that your new Instagram followers can also enjoy them in future. 

  • Create IGTV videos and reels

Various surveys and analytics have proved that reels and IGTV rank better when it comes to reaching out to new accounts and raking in more views in a short duration of time. So make sure you post viral and well-structured content on your IGTV and reels as your new Instagram followers can always watch them by going to the IGTV section, unlike stories that are very short and expire in 24 hours. You can try experimenting with short films, short series or save your live Q&A sessions to IGTV if you’re falling short of ideas.

  • Collaborate with influencers and experts

Irrespective of the platform you’re trying to become popular on, you need to create good relations with fellow creators and experts in your field. This not only helps you feel at home but also allows you to collaborate with them and host contests, giveaways, create fun videos and expand your following while targeting the desired audience. You can go live and conduct talk shows or consultation sessions which will help you rake in more followers from your targeted audience as your friends can give you a shoutout to introduce you to their followers and you can do the same!

  • Be authentic and stand out of the crowd 

The key factor to make your mark in any domain is to be authentic and create unique content that gets etched in your followers’ brains. It not only sets the tone, image and mark of your brand but also helps the followers to remember you even when they’re not on your account. Be it themed posts, small elements like including your pet snake in your stories and posts, or posting series or episodes at a specific time during the day, all of these things can help you make a deep impression on your followers and help you stand out among the crowd.

  • Engage with other accounts

Make sure to actively research and reach out to similar pages and accounts in your free time. While there’s no doubt that you need to interact with your followers and reply to their comments and mentions to acknowledge their presence and make them feel special, it’s also necessary to engage with accounts that you are not following. You can do so by searching a relevant hashtag and taking part in the discussions happening on the top posts under it. This will not only provide better exposure but also help you engage and bond well with other content creators in a similar field.

  • Be consistent and post quality content

The first and the most fundamental rule to grow your account is to post quality content and that too regularly. Irrespective of the follower count, one glance at your account or page reveals what kind of content you are providing to your followers. Promoting through Instagram and other means will only be useful if you have something to flaunt. So before you decide to buy Instagram followers, make sure you have enough quality reels, IGTV videos, posts and stories that will keep your followers engaged and entertained till the time you post new content.

  • Play around with hashtags 

Another sneaky way to promote your content and rank it higher on the explorer page is to use relevant and effective hashtags. While some creators tend to bombard their captions and comment sections with all kinds of hashtags, others forget to add them! As a content creator, you need to strike the perfect balance and include 5 to 15 hashtags in your captions so that your account can be discovered by other people who are interested in similar content. These can also be used to create a brand name as you can encourage your followers to post pictures and stories using a custom hashtag which helps you keep track of how many people are mentioning or interacting with your brand.
These ways might sound simple but are most effective when it comes to optimizing your page, bringing in more followers and likes and increasing engagement. So make sure to follow these tips and let us know which one benefitted you the most!