Best Shows to Watch after the Famous Mindhunter Series

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Love a little bit of thrill & goosebumps? Watch these shows to stir up your soul.

The Netflix series “Mindhunter,” created by the acclaimed filmmaker David Fincher, stood out as one of the decade’s most captivating criminal thrillers. One of the major reasons why viewers were so hooked on it is that this show is based on true events. The story revolves around the real FBI agents from the 70s who have contributed to the development of serial killer criminal profiles, which are helping to catch them to this day. 

The bar has been set too high by this show and now viewers expect more shows like these. So, get yourself in the mood for thrills and jitters with the list of similar shows we have found for you. However, before you binge on these, do find out the bandwidth of your provider, otherwise you may get a shock when your next bill comes.

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In this article, we have listed the shows that are somewhat similar to Mindhunter, you should try these next, and the great deal is you can binge on them too.

    • Hannibal:

Released in 2013, Hannibal is a thriller movie that is based on a novel by Thomas Harris. The plot of the movie revolves around the characters Hannibal Lecter who is a psychiatrist, played by Mads Mikkelsen and Will Graham who is an excellent profiler. 

They hunt serial killers down and identify their profiles. They judge the scenes by putting themselves in the shoes of killers and solving the cases. The show is very intriguing and will keep you hooked to it, till the end.

-Available on Hulu

    • Criminal Minds:

This show focuses closely on how a mind of a criminal works, similar to Mindhunter. The story not only shows crime investigations and the FBI but also highlights each character’s life and relationships. 

This show has every element to blow your mind, from forensics to psychoanalysis. They not only focused on hunting down serial killers but also murderers, sex offenders, and crime lords, making it very much like Mindhunter.

-Available on Netflix. 

    • Unbelievable:

Starring Kaitlyn Devers and Toni Collette, the show unbelievable is also inspired by true events. The story is based on a rape case of a teenager, Marie. 

It follows extremely disturbing events as people fail to believe her story and accuse her of making it all up for mere attention seeking but soon the truth unfolds, as a similar case appears miles away and years later from the first one. This miniseries is said to be perfect for Mindhunter fans.

-Available on Netflix.

    • Broadchurch:

Broadchurch is said to be among the best crime dramas on different sites. This show is also more likely based on police interrogation and investigation and a true crime fan will love this show. The plot of this show revolves around a mysterious murder of a boy in the fictional state of Broadchurch. 

As the investigation goes further, the whole town falls into chaos and all the secrets of this small town are unfolded. This show is full of suspense and a Mindhunter fan will love it. It will capture your attention from the very first episode and keep you hooked until the last. 

-Available on Netflix

    • Clickbait:

Released in 2021, Clickbait is based on a mysterious kidnapping of a man who appeared to be a normal family man. Just like how everything is showcased on social media nowadays, the abductors take the kidnapping to digital media and threaten to kill the man after reaching 5 million views. 

The family of the man sets out to investigate and meet hurdles on the way. This limited show displays the dark side of social media and leaves the audience hooked.

-Available on Netflix

    • Killing Eve:

The show, Killing Eve is based on spy craft and displays the mind of the characters. The story revolves around Eve and Villanelle. Eve is assigned to bring in Villanelle as part of a covert in the task force but things go out of their anticipation when all they do is try to bring each other down and become obsessed with it. 

No matter how much they try to kill each other, they are repeatedly drawn towards each other. This show will keep you hooked until the very end and is a great watch. This show displays how there is not much difference between the killers and the people who try to apprehend them

-Available on Hulu

End Note:

Watching shows are one of the favorite things for people to do in their spare time. Recently, Netflix, Hulu and Prime have been gaining a lot of popularity because they are releasing some good hits. 

There are various genres available for the viewers to watch such as fantasy, comedy, thriller etc. This article will help you pick shows if you are a thriller or crime show fan. The above-listed shows are rated very well and are worth a watch.

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