BREAKING NEWS – Kagame Arrests Four Colonels For “Endangering” Security

By David Himbara

Kagame has descended on his military, arresting four colonels. The four senior military officers are currently held incommunicado.

The arrested colonels are Rugazora, Gishaija, Mugabo and Kalimba (rtd).

The colonels are accused of having known of the late Patrick Karegeya’s escape of 10 years ago and did not report.

The Kagame regime further alleges that the colonels work with the Rwanda National Congress (RNC). And that the colonels are therefore pose a threat to national security – read Kagame’s security.

The paranoia of the regime increases by the day. There are many more on the list of Kagame’s victims including their relatives.

Stay tuned.


  1. Dear Dr,
    the junta’s Paranoia is a threat itself to security of Rwandan citizens, anyone can be jailed, assassinated just because of this. Allow me to recall what was happening with Interahamwe when they were losing it, due to paranoia, they were after every one including their own family members!! it was a total chaos!! this is what is happening now with the junta’s regime! the time is now, if we do not act, all Rwandans will end up dead, the funny thing is that the juntas may even grow suspicious of itself and terminate its chaotic existence.

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