Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi died a similar way he used to kill afande Late Adam Waswa

Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi the commandant of the Reserve Force in the Southern Region passed away in a road accident that took place Tuesday the 25/06/13.

The development was confirmed by the Spokesperson of the Rwanda Defence Force, Brig. Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita.

“The RDF is saddened by the news of the death of General Gapfizi, it is tragic, he was a gallant officer,” said Nzabamwita in a brief phone interview with The New Times.

According to Nzabamwita, the accident happened along the Kagitumba-Kayonza road. Nzabamwita did not go in detail on how this accident happened however he explained that more information will follow. Hopefully an autopsy will be done to explain to the nation the death of this Gen who holds a long strange history.

Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi was a military transport officer back in Uganda while still in the National resistance army (NRA) Uganda, served as a driver in Presidential Protection Unit at some point. Dan Gapfizi was later promoted to the rank of 2lt just before attacking Rwanda, Dan Gapfizi was very close to Major Kabura a Ugandan young senior officer who was well known for stubborn behaviour. Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi like many Rwandans who were serving in the Ugandan forces was among the men and women who waged war to Rwanda on 1/10/1990. Prior to that Dan Gapfizi had worked as a youth carder for the Obote regime who reportedly harassed a lot of people including his brothers and sisters from the Rwandese tribe, this was during the time prior to him joining NRA spying for the ruling party Uganda People’s Congress of Milton Obote.

Obote’s intelligence knew that the Rwandese men and women were joining Museveni’s forces and so believed that tracking down the Rwandese community was away of weakening Museveni. Any way Dan Gapfizi was saved and saw the route to join his brothers and sisters in the NRA, distanced himself from criminal gangs of UPC youth group, and Gen Fred Rwigema gave him counselling therapy sessions due to the guilty he was experiencing.

Back around 1991, it was reported that, Dan Gapfizi  travelled with Col Joseph Kalemera who was the head of medical in RPA to Uganda with the late Adam Waswa. Dr. Joseph Kalemera pretending to be travelling to Uganda for work related issues, knew very well that together with Dan Gapfizi will look for any possible opportunity to eliminate Afande Adam Waswa, Dr Joseph Kalemera had tried to inject a poison to Late Adam Waswa but it was clearly explained that he was going to Uganda get treated by his specialists, the now late Dan Gapfizi reported that he was going to Uganda to seek medical help. They boarded the Late Adam’s car that was travelling to Mbuya military Hospital.

Lt Waswa
Late Adam Waswa

Late Adam Waswa was the head of the army after Gen Fred Rwigema’s death, and Kagame was still hanging around as (PC) political co-ordinator a position given to him by Museveni to link politics and army duties and then report back to Uganda, through Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Saleh. Paul Kagame was not satisfied he wanted to become the overall commander of the army, he never wanted any one higher than him in ranks, and so even though Lt Col Adam Waswa’s position was much similar to what Col Ndugute was doing after Adam Waswa’s death but was not known as the army commander like Adam Waswa, Ndugute was known as operation commander who reported to Kagame. This gave Kagame the opportunity to become the army commander. While Late Adam Waswa was driving back from Mbuya it was reported that their car was involved in an accident and Adam Waswa died on the sport however his body guard known as Kalimba nicknamed Kalema who was later killed on his arrival in Rwanda. Reported to the colleagues, that his boss Adam Waswa had not died on scene but was strangled by Dan Gapfizi, while him and Dr Kalemera pretending to offer first aid check after the accident, the young soldier explained that they were immediately pulled a side pretending to offer help to their boss.  Lt Col Adam had travelled with two body guards and the second his whereabouts are not known till to day even though before his disappearance, he was regularly seen crying repeatedly but unable to explain the reason why. Lt Col Adam Waswa the young charismatic senior officer was gone as well in a way that was not explained, like his predecessor.

Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi is the man who was a driver and later (MTO) military transport officer to become the head of a division, he was used by Paul Kagame to eliminate many commanders and so the likelihood of having been killed in the same way is high. It may take long to be verified but one way or another we will find out, and if it was a real accident then afande Rest in Peace whichever way we will remember you in one way or another, my condolescence goes to his family and the Rwanda Defence Forces who are experiencing what the families of late Adam Waswa and Charles Ngonga had to keep up with.

Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi who was rarely seen in public also had served the country in many different positions and among them were 7th battalion, 101 battalion, 301 Brigade, 204 Brigade, 2nd Division, 1rst Division. Dan Gapfizi however was demoted together with Kiiza from provisional JO2’s to the rank of 2lt even though they were seniors to many commanders, Dan Gapfizi who was so hungry to get rich all his life had developed the habits of stealing from the civilian population wherever the RPA forces captured which resulted in his demotion together with Kiiza but was later Promoted to Major after kneeling down a number of times in front of Paul Kagame begging for forgiveness.

Unfortunately Kiiza was left to die as 2lt even though they had committed the same crime; simply because he did not accept to beg for forgiveness, he died after the war and died of poisonous injection from Kanombe military hospital. Dan Gapfizi is the same man who was used by Kagame to eliminate Colonel Charles Ngoga. He was assassinated because he competed with the commercial milk market of Major General Paul Kagame. More than six times, the milk of Colonel Charles Ngoga’s cows was poured right in the middle of the road by President Kagame’ body guards. Col Ngoga asked whether the strong man of Kigali Paul Kagame really believed he had fought for Rwanda’s freedom alone. These sour words constitute, from now on, an imminent danger, more so as he was shown to have plotted with those who were preparing a coup. Finally, he was killed with a violent poison poured into his drink by Colonel Dan Gapfizi.

Brig Gen Dan Gapfizi, like many of Kagame’s butchers, participated in a number of an necessary killings, which resulted in putting him at risk because after all the secrets he has been holding and having retired to settle in inkeragutabara or reserve force was now being seen as a threat especially now that the country is developing enemies on a daily basis, inside the reserve force and outside the country. The whole nation needs a good explanation of how this man died, who should have been spared to face justice at some point.

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Written by Noble Marara

Edited by Jennifer Ferlberg

Source:Inyenyeri News