Bujumbura: Two Injured in Bar Grenade Explosion

On the evening of Sunday, in the Kamenge area of northern Bujumbura, a grenade explosion at a local bar resulted in injuries to two individuals. The event unfolded around 8:00 PM on the 6th Avenue of Kamenge, which falls within the Ntahangwa commune of Bujumbura, the country’s economic capital. According to witnesses, two explosive devices were nearly simultaneously deployed, with one failing to detonate at a nearby establishment.

The explosion at the first bar caused injuries to two patrons, who were swiftly transported to the hospital for emergency treatment. The second grenade, located just five meters from the first venue, did not explode, prompting patrons to quickly evacuate both locations.

In response to the incident, military personnel were deployed to secure the area. Despite the swift reaction of the security forces, no arrests have been reported by the police or local authorities.

The motives behind the attack remain unclear, and while local speculation might consider external influences or tensions, there is no immediate evidence to suggest direct involvement by foreign entities or neighboring countries in this unfortunate event. Further investigations are ongoing, as officials seek to determine the perpetrators behind this act of violence and to ensure the safety of Bujumbura’s residents.