Burundi: A government is entitled to use of force – not the people!!

Some acts are really self-defeating, particularly, when they backfire.

One of such acts is the ‪#‎sindumuja‬ movement that led to havoc in Burundi. For Westerners unaware of what the word #sindumuja means, there was a semblance of a political ploy, but, it was not. You were cheated.

Let me inform you people that the word #sindumuja means “I am not meant to be servile”. Any transliteration will bring you closer to that. I am not here to serve – so they sang. Remember that doesn’t translate into ” you are no longer eligible for another term”!!

If you move from emotions and stand out to reflect, you realize that the struggle was sincerely flawed from the very start. One of the reason for that is that it was tribally oriented. For example, while some thought of joining to help oust dictator Nkurunziza Pierre, others found out that there was something of a hatred than mere democracy. Think of a democracy being demanded under a cry ” I am not here to serve you”!

In such context, seriously, many people who were sharing mind with the ‘Sindumujas’ retreated! A lot of Hutu dominated areas had in the first place joined and were strongly against Nkurunziza. The way it abruptly degenerated into being a movement confined into quarters with majority Tutsis: Nyakabiga, Mutakura etc is a phenomenon to be studied. Something went amiss.

The fact that the seven days recently offered by his Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza are over means that muscles will soon be at play. Many people are of different views on the comments recently made by Burundian leaders – I am as well entitled to mine. I believe force is counterproductive and should always be avoided yet….I acknowledge how long the government has played calm to the situation. With silence on the plate, the ‘Sindumujas’ have invested in violence unabatedly! This anarchy can’t simply be let on forever.

I remember I indicated one day that what the quarters were doing was self-defeating and some people had to come out in full insult but…today we can’t hide any more. The struggle in Bujumbura is no longer anti-Nkurunziza it is something else. In a democratic system, those demanding for liberal principles of democracy do not resort into anarchy and killings as the means. They must be looking for something else. I am sad yet I agree that it is high time the government there uses force to uproot the menace. Terror shouldn’t be an approach to anything……

At the end, rules/laws must prevail….

Theogene Karenzi