Callixte Nsabimana aka Sankara in class A of DMI’s most wanted individuals

By Gakwerere

According to reliable information from a reliable source, Callixte Sankara has been promoted to the A files, among the innocent people that DMI is hunting to eliminate at all cost – necessary means. DMI and Police’s special intelligence branch have identify RRM as thorn to criminal Paul Kagame’s rule.

According to this source, DMI has diverted it’s resources and man power towards destroying this organisation – RRM. In DMI’s philosophy of
Modus operandi, they always go for the head of the organisation as a means to destroy it, thus, Sankara Callixte being the target of the heinous elimination plot.

This reliable source also informed me that Sankara survived DMI’s assassination 3 years ago in Tanzania and DMI blames the information to being leaked to him by one of their inside operative who was conversant with the dreaded plot.

We have to remember that PPM’s spokesman Noble Marara is a prominent feature in DMI’s most wanted individuals, with the British MI5 warning him several times about criminal Paul Kagame’s assassination plans against his life.

When put in class A of DMI’s most wanted individuals, trust, resources and all means are used to track, identify and find all means necessary to eliminate you.