Canada’s death birds (military helicopters) in a highly damaged Africa.

The state of the situation

Indeed, it is in August that Canada will deploy an Air Task Force as part of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Mission for Stabilization in Mali (MINUSMA). This military force will include two Chinook transport and logistics helicopters and four Griffon armed helicopters, as well as a military contingent for medical evacuations and logistics. Also, the exact number of soldiers for this operational air mission is not yet known. It would depend on the process of planning and engagement with allies, the UN and Mali. It looks like it’s a dangerous mission because there have been hundreds of deaths since 2013. However, Ottawa would have insisted that its soldiers would not participate in combat operations in Mali. In all likelihood, nearly 15,000.00 people are currently deployed in MINUSMA, whose mission includes ensuring the safety of civilians and promoting a return to political stability in the country, threatened by jihadist groups. Canada has already collaborated with major powers such as the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our country had responded in these different theaters of military operations. Our economic interests in Africa are astronomical. While in the field the local people have no consideration for our plenipotentiaries and they are sometimes disgusted by them. On the spot they are accused of being experts in lies, false promises, imposture, simulacrum, and bluster. The case of the broken promise, help for a water well drilling in the village of Montreal in Senegal by our embassy is a concrete and flagrant example. And we do not understand anything.

We find on this continent, a regular French presence long decried by many observers. The presence of France in Africa has always been synonymous with misfortune. She is only there for her interests. She is there to make wars, brief coups of instability in order to steal and loot resources that are not hers. This is unfortunately done on the backs of poor, poor, sick and dying local people. The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, does not hide his hostility towards this country, which he accuses of having played a troubled role during the genocide that left 800,000.00 dead. The UN Security Council has already asked France to declassify all documents during this Rwandan tragedy. Because she has obligations because of her duty of truth and memory. It must take into account the allegations made about its role. And she must tell the truth.

Welcome to an Africa battered by her children and crying hot tears

The African population is held hostage by Western vampires or leeches and the local political class. The management of the continent by the latter is a disaster or a tragedy. It is said of her that she is in fact a group of vultures or scavengers so much that she is thirsty for power and wealth. Indeed, the sad reality is that corruption is widespread and rampant in this part of the world. Health systems are down. Without money, we are left to ourselves, we are not healed and we die. This is one of the highest death rates in the world. Education is at a discount. Classrooms are crowded and refuse the world. The number of students per teacher often exceeds the allowable limit. Overcrowded universities struggle to recruit all new graduates. Delays in paying student grants and campus violence are commonplace. Strikes are recurrent and government forces armed to the teeth often repress them in the blood. The rich send their children to Western schools where they spend astronomical sums that their parents have simply stolen from their African compatriots. Also, the supply of water and energy is problematic despite the abundance of resources. The people live the nightmare because of water rationing and electrical power off. Moreover, some families in poor neighborhoods and suburbs spend whole days and nights in darkness without the precious liquid. This greatly increases insecurity.

Religion is used for mercantile purposes. Some religious leaders with their harems think they are God’s representatives on earth. They bless corrupt politicians and support them in different elections by having their followers vote for them. In return, they receive from them money stolen from the people, diplomatic passports and many other benefits. In fact, they are accomplices of these leaders who deceive their local populations by promising them emergence and better tomorrow. While it is not so. Hunger and malnutrition are the daily lot of Africans. Some countries are chronic claimants for international aid to cope with their food deficit. Almost all elections are rigged and Africans have become over time the best experts in electoral fraud. It is one of the few places in the world where electoral systems and courts validate elections where the number of voters is greater than the number of voters. In addition, we pay handsomely the mercenaries of the European Union or the United Nations to have them validated these falsified electoral consultations. Here, political opponents are rejected for electoral reasons by imprisoning them, making them disappear or assassinating them.

Justice is administered by the executive powers. Judges and magistrates are cruel and corrupt individuals and they are actually in the pay of vulgar politicians. The police and the gendarmerie arrest, torture and send the mis en cause before the judge, without legal aid, who send them to prison.

The right to the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair and equitable trial do not exist. Abuse of pre-trial imprisonment is the rule. They languish in jail and we forget them there as long as possible. This is why the African population is terrorized by the governance of this accursed national elite. These African leaders are also plundering their continent with the complicity of the West (vampires or leeches) when they are in power. But once out of power, these same occidents accuse them of war criminals or others. For example, they may be brought to justice at the International Criminal Court, designed primarily for African predators. The most elementary human rights are constantly violated in full view of the entire planet. The various organizations for the defense of national and international human rights are almost powerless to make reason listen to this raptor Elite Black continent. Some say the governance of this new political class after independence is worse than colonial management. The American president is not wrong to describe African countries as “shitty country”.

The reality of the Canadian presence in Mali.

These Canadian helicopters (chinook and griffin) did not come to distribute milk to Malian children. Even less sticks of carrots, cassava or other cereals for poor and deprived populations. They are not ATMs either. These are machines designed primarily for war and they were used during the deadly Gulf War in Iraq. They are birds of death. Their presence in a country does not bode well. The Government of Mr. Justin Trudeau had the duty to enlighten the population, but the explanations provided so far by the latter, are very light and do not respond to any logic. We are certainly helping the former colonial power, which is said to be waging war against the jihadists. She is also suspected of arming these same jihadists. Our presence there would logically meet an invitation to share the north of Mali rich in gold, oil, uranium or others. Maybe our country is becoming an imperialist and colonialist power?

But we will never repeat it enough. The people of Canada and Quebec are generous and welcoming. They are peaceful peoples and have never participated in any form of colonization. They took part in the Second World War to liberate Europe from Nazism and we are proud of it. From my point of view, our peoples would like to have relations of friendship and sincere cooperation with all the peoples of the world. The Canadian and Quebec populations are not involved in the wrong decisions of Mr. Justin Trudeau, which is part of economic, political and military adventurism.

Gondiel Ka

Montreal, Canada

[email protected]

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