CBD Vape Pen Blinking-What do the different colors and numbers of blinks indicate? [UPDATED]

Vaping has gained popularity worldwide for over a decade now, but nowadays, more and more people are using them for inhaling CBD vapors. The sky-touching craze for vape pens says it all about these devices. At present, CBD products don’t need special introductions. The utility of CBD products from Exhale Well brand has made them trending in the world of chemicals and drugs.

Unlike intaking CBD products, inhaling CBD vapors has become a trendy option, especially among young adults and teens. Those afraid of injections and want to limit oral consumption can use this method to consume CBD ingredients. CBD vape pens are widely available in the global market and come in handy. You can avail both refillable and disposable vape pens on this site, whichever is best for you. If you’re confused about which website to buy from, visit https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-pens/ to get genuine and authentic vape pens.

This article will discuss everything about vape pens and their indications.

A basic introduction to vape pens

If you’re not familiar with the function of vape pens, let us elaborate. Vape pens are pen-like inhalation devices with electronic nicotine delivery systems. However, vape pens don’t have a standard conventional structure. A vape pen may resemble a pen or look like a USB drive or cigarette. They are also exceptional alternatives to cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. To be specific, vape pens are electronic or digital smoking devices. But when it comes to CBD vape pens, they come with CBD vape oil filled in the cartridge. The CBD oil has proven health benefits in treating diabetes, epilepsy, reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc.

What do the different indications of vape pens tell you?

If you’re using a vape pen for the first time, the indications of the cell might confuse you a lot. Unfortunately, most vape pen users aren’t aware of what these indications mean. Every vape pen model comes with an indicator light that blinks to indicate the vape pen functions. The blinking pattern changes from time to time. Based on the blinking pattern of the indicator light, you need to make changes to your device.


But how do you know that when you’re not familiar with the blinking pattern of your device? Well, no need to worry about it. Go through the following points to understand the different blinking patterns of a standard vape pen.

  1. Blinking thrice and turning off

Sometimes you may notice that the indicator light blinks thrice and then the device gets shut. Most people get afraid that their devices get damaged when something like this happens to them. But it’s not. It is an indication that your device isn’t detecting the pod or reservoir. Generally, you need to fill the cartridge with the fluid you want to inhale before using the device. Sometimes, your device might not detect if you have plugged the cartridge or not. In such cases, your device will blink thrice and get turned off.

Also, the same thing will happen if you continue to vape cartridges for over eight seconds. Vaping for such a long time is not at all good for your lungs’ health. Therefore, most branded vape pens get turned off automatically in cases of vaping over eight seconds.

  1. Blinked red five times, and the device went off

Such an incident may happen if a short-circuit occurs in the coil of your device. The same can happen in the case of coils with smaller resistance values as well. So, when your device shows such an indication, it’s time to change your device’s coil or replace the device.

Why does a vape pen blink red? Generally, a vape pen blinks red when its battery percentage is lower than 20%. In such a case, your device indicates to plug it in by flashing red. The indicator will remain red throughout the charging time.

  1. What if it blinks blue?

The indicator of a vape pen blinks blue when the battery percentage of the device remains medium. Anyway, you don’t need to do anything when your device blinks blue. Also, the indicator of your device may blink blue when pressing the power button thrice unintentionally. That means you’re switching your device to a lower power mode and the device indicates that by blinking blue.

  1. The indicator is blinking green

Green blinks mean your device’s battery is charged or nearly charged. If you witness green blinks during charging, you need to understand that the charging is about to finish. You need to unplug it from the charging socket when you constantly see a steady green light in the indicator. That’s the indication that your battery doesn’t need more charge. Then you need to unplug your device to prevent overcharging. Also, you may see green blinks by pressing the power button sometimes. It means that you’re switching your device to the higher power mode that consumes more battery.


What if a vape pen doesn’t get heated?

Generally, a vape pen is supposed to get heated when you’re vaping. But if it isn’t heating up, that means you’re doing something wrong, or there’s something wrong with your device. So let’s see when a vape pen doesn’t heat up:

  • If you’re running your vape pen with a low battery, the machine won’t heat up. If you keep using the device after such an indication, you will eventually damage your device.
  • Your vape pen won’t heat up if there is no fluid in the reservoir. However, as you fill the reservoir with an e-fluid, the device will start getting heated up again.
  • A damaged battery might cause this. If you’re witnessing this issue for a long time, consider replacing the battery of your device.

Bottom Line 

Now, all the information related to the blinking pattern of a vape pen is readily available to you. If you choose to consume CBD products in a vapor form, a vape pen is an ideal choice for you. Remember the indications mentioned above to operate your device perfectly. Acting according to these indications will increase your device’s longevity too. Anyway, a vape pen has multiple potential side effects too. Unlike other forms of CBD products, CBD vapor harms consumers’ lungs. So, learn about the side effects of CBD vapor before using it. Also, don’t forget to purchase your vape pen from a reputed dealer. That will minimize the harmful impact of CBD vapors on your body to a large extent.