Congo’s Military Accuses Rwanda of Drone Attacks on Goma Airport

In the early hours of Saturday, February 17, 2024, a drone attack occurred at the Goma International Airport in the North Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Ndjike Kaiko, the spokesperson for the Congolese armed forces in the region, drones believed to originate from Rwanda targeted the airport premises. This statement was made in a video posted on the social media platform X, the attack did not target military aircraft but instead caused damage to civilian airplanes.

Further details emerged from Marc Hoogsteyns, a Belgian journalist known for his close ties to the Rwandan intelligence services and sometimes criticized for being a propagandist for Kigali. Hoogsteyns shared on his X account that the attack involved two 81 mm mortars attached to commercial drones, which were dropped on the airport. Among the damaged aircraft was a Sukhoi plane, which sustained notable damage to its fuel tank.