Could the next Nobel be an African?

Dr Samuel Mathey

One rising star is trying to line up for the next Nobel contest and
there are reasons to believe it would be well deserved.

Dr Samuel Mathey has devoted his recent life and continue to change the
lives of thousands and soon millions of young African and women across
Africa , addressing the issues of thousands dying in the mediterranean
through illegal immigration, crime and extreme poverty.

He forged the EZC concept, start your company with ZERO capital.
Indeed, access to capital has been one of the key constraint for
entrepreneurial ventures in Africa.

His solution to those millions dying or joining crime or enlisting

The motto for EZC is « transforming African youth and women into world
class entrepreneurs servicing Africa, the world, and advancing humanity»

The brilliant African studied in the US and gained a Ph.D. in economics
in addition to an MBA. He taught at various universities and business
schools in Europe, return to Africa in 2014 and decided to devote his
life to turning around the continent’s current fate with no support than
his own savings.

His EZC program are now available in French, English, Portuguese ,
Arabic and few African dialects as he has been working to reach out
Islamic youth as well with the motto, « transforming Islamic youth into
world class entrepreneurs servicing the world, and advancing humanity »

One additional wonder is her concept of ethical entrepreneurship where
he elaborated 12 values that EZC entrepreneurs should hold onto and
include anti-corruption, integrity, gender balance…

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