Criminal extremist Tom Ndahiro will not evade justice forever! Like his master he will be also arrested and tried for all crimes he committed.

By Professor Charles Kambanda

Tom Ndahiro,

  1. You exterminated countless people in and around Bugesera in 1994. Confirm to me that (i) you were killing Tutsi or Hutu exclusively and (ii) why were did you kill those people?
  2. My primary mission, as academic and lawyer, is first and foremost to give birth to knowledge and stand for justice. I do not care what low souls like you say, feel or otherwise imagine.
  3. Some Tutsi, prepared by RPA, infiltrated then Hutu interahamwe. Their mission was to butcher as many people as possible.
  4. We know for a fact that the most powerful interahamwe, the political leader of the interahamwe was Tutsi; Ribert Kajuga. We know for a fact that Robert Kajuga played a major role in bringing onboarding Kagame’s RPAF assassins. Effectively, at the time of the 1994 massacres, RPA/F was in charge of the interahamwe. You, Tom Ndahiro, are among RPA/F people that were stationed at the current Parliament building. You guys were deployed to the interahamwe; Gen. Charles Kayonga deployed you into the interahamwe. You call yourself Tutsi. Answer question 1 above, please
  5. The manner in which many people were killed in 1994, is the same way your RPA/F kills Rwandans today. Your RPA/F kills the Hutu and Tutsi mercilessly. If RPA/F kills the Hutu, Tutsi, Twa when it has power, how many Tutsi, Twa, Hutu did you kill during the 1994 ?
  6. Kagame and his loyalists butchered countless Tutsi RPA fighters during the war, including top commanders like Rwigyema, Waswa, Byaruhanga, etc. Kagame still kills the Tutsi elite in his army the same way he kills the Hutu elite.

I will seek the truth, no matter what. All armed groups, including RPA/F, but butchered innocent people, Tutsi, Twa, Hutu and foreigners. Whoever killed Rwandans in 1994, including you Tom Ndahiro, must be brought to book.