Thusday, 2st January 2014

 It is with greatest sadness that the refugee community in South Africa heard about the saddest news of the assassination of our compatriot refugee and a senior member of the Rwandan National Congress, Col. Patrick Karegeya, on the January 01, 2014 at Michelangelo Towers, Hotel in Johannesburg.

I, on behalf of and in the name of the RDTJ, extend my deepest condolences to his family, Mrs Leah Karegeya and their three children and share with the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) members  the prayers and their greatest pain on this very difficult moment.

His extraordinary courage, determination, activism, and strength will continue to energise RDTJ and other Rwandan civil and political organisations to fight against injustices and oppression and to fight for the realisation of unity and good governance through an inclusive dialogue, telling the truth, ensuring justice for all, genuine reconciliation, and promotion of a culture of democracy. He will be truly be remembered for eagerly and fearlessly challenging the current autocratic regime to abandon unfair and unjust policies and calling for a political change that will accommodate all Rwandans without distinction of any kind.

May his soul rest in peace of God


Callixte Kavuro

RDTJ Chairperson

For and on behalf of the RDTJ