Desperately In Need Of New American Patrons, Kagame Goes Hunting At The Munich Security Conference

By David Himbara
A lonely man desperately looking for new patrons

Paul Kagame does not live in Rwanda. He lives in the air and overseas – only visiting Rwanda once in a while.

He is in the air again. This time he is in Munich, Germany. He is attending the Munich Security Conference.

At the conference, the strongman looked so lonely, lost, and isolated. No doubt he hoped to find a new patron among the new American power elite attending the conference.

Speakers at the Munich Security Conference included Michael Pence, Vice President, United States of America; John McCain, Senator, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services; and James Mattis, Secretary of Defence.

Kagame is desperate. Gone out of fashion is his entire network of patrons – the Clintons and the Blairs. The old patrons are disconnected from the new power elite in Washington.

Will Kagame manage to find new patrons at the Munich Security Conference and beyond? What will he “sell” to them? Genocide guilt? Peacekeeping soldiers? Will he get an audience with Vice President Pence? Secretary of Defence Mattis? Or Senator McCain?

It is a tough sell. The new folks might not appreciate that Kagame is a Clinton protégé. “A friend of my enemy is my enemy” is the situation Kagame finds himself in.

Good luck Mr. President.