Devising a Roadmap for Your ServiceNow Experience

A myriad of changes have occurred throughout the 21st century, and the technology boom has certainly been one of the most critical elements driving change. There have been a variety of transformations that technology has created, and in 2021, one element of society that has been the most impacted is the economy. Our economy operates on tech today, and businesses of all sizes utilize technology in a multitude of different ways. One technology that is widely utilized among businesses is IT management software. IT management programs are extremely helpful in organizing and setting up enterprises; however, not all programs are made the same. There are some lower-tier IT management systems, and then there are higher-tier ones, such as ServiceNow. ServiceNow has become increasingly more prevalent throughout the business world in recent years, largely due to its versatile and advanced offerings. When setting up ServiceNow in your office, it is imperative that you have a set strategy; which is why creating a ServiceNow roadmap is so essential. Your enterprise can work with your partner service to create a strong roadmap to help your business understand all of the different facets that you will need set up throughout your ServiceNow implementation and beyond.

Understanding the Facets of the ServiceNow Roadmap

When your office invests in ServiceNow, the first step you need to take is to set up your roadmap with your partner service. You will be able to work in tandem with your partner to ensure that you have all the top features available, enabling you to focus on the elements of governance, using informed personnel, optimizing processes, and strategy. You will work with your partner service to brainstorm and workshop any ideas with the partner’s planning tool, as well as any concepts within the ServiceNow system that your business is interested in doing. This will allow you to create greater alignment with your company’s goals with a detailed budget as well.     

Roadmap for Implementation

When you build up your roadmap for your ServiceNow implementation before starting, you will be giving yourself a leg up. There are a variety of items that you will have to be aware of throughout this process, including security ops, HR service delivery, GRC, IT operations management, IT service management, IT business management, and others. When you have all of these elements working in tandem within your roadmap, you can more effectively increase your company in a better and quicker manner. Another important facet that you should be aware of is that you will be provided with deliverables, including success milestones, proof of concept, and a statement of work. Finally, you need to ensure that your partner service is qualified by checking to see if they are a ServiceNow Managed Services Provider as well as a ServiceNow Elite Partner. This will enable them to help you with software asset management, service mapping, risk and compliance, cloud management, and much more. 

Final Thoughts  

When building up your enterprise, it is important to utilize ServiceNow. When working with this service, it is imperative that you have a roadmap ready to detail your entire journey with this program.