Diane Rwigara Submits Candidacy for Rwandan Presidential Election 2024

Kigali – Diane Shima Rwigara has formally submitted her candidacy to run for the presidency in the upcoming Rwandan elections scheduled for July 2024. This marks her second attempt to vie for the highest office in the country.

At precisely 12:00 PM on Thursday, May 30, 2024, Diane Rwigara arrived at the offices of the National Electoral Commission to submit her application. After completing the necessary procedures, she expressed her views on several pressing issues, including poverty and the need to support entrepreneurs in addressing unemployment.

This is not the first time Diane Rwigara has sought the presidency. In 2017, her candidacy was rejected by the National Electoral Commission, which cited her failure to meet the required criteria. Additionally, she faced accusations of forging and using fraudulent documents, which led to her imprisonment. The Commission had alleged that some of the identity cards submitted as part of her support signatures belonged to deceased individuals. Rwigara maintains that these allegations were politically motivated, stating that she had gathered signatures from over 1,200 supporters, far exceeding the required 600.

In her current bid, Diane Rwigara claims to have secured signatures from 974 supporters. She noted significant differences between her previous and current campaign experiences, expressing confidence that her name will be included on the final list of presidential candidates.

Diane Rwigara is the only female candidate in the race for the presidency. The National Electoral Commission has identified missing documents in her dossier, including a certificate proving she holds no other citizenship or has renounced any previous citizenship, and a medical certificate from a recognized physician. The Commission informed her that these documents can be submitted within the legally stipulated time frame.

Thursday was the deadline for aspiring presidential and parliamentary candidates to submit their documents. Other presidential candidates who have filed their candidacies include incumbent President Paul Kagame, representing the ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (FPR) Inkotanyi, and Member of Parliament Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda.

Independent candidates in the race include Herman Manirareba, Thomas Habimana, Barafinda Sekikubo Fred, who is making his second attempt after being hospitalized in 2017 for mental health issues, Innocent Hakizimana, Philippe Mpayimana, Jean Daniel Mbanda, and Diane Shima Rwigara.