Dear Rwandan community,

Our hearts and prayers are with you all during this catastrophic event.

As you know, God loves a cheerful giver, particularly in a difficult time where communities and individuals have to come together and serve each other.  I take this opportunity to call upon each one of you to think about and pray for the safety and care of families and friends who need God’s mercy during this period of sorrow and grief in Texas. We are at a critical moment where anguish, fear, and grief are outshined by the love and tremendous support of our fellow citizens.

Dear friends, Tropical Storm Harvey impacted masses of our own Texans, Rwandan, Burundian, Congolese as well as our neighbors from its torrential rain. Rwandans and friends are thankful to all Texans, government relief, volunteers, first responders and neighboring states who have assisted thousands of individuals affected during and after Harvey’s landfall. Our community is shined by our undying faith, perseverance, kindness, indomitable spirit, and resilience; values that help recover, strengthen, uplift and rebuild our Houston community.

I encourage each one of us to help one another through prayers, volunteering work, and giving. We stand firmly with all Texans in finding ways to assist them as a Rwandan Community in collaboration with The American Red Cross and Bend Coastal Disaster Group.

Tropical Storm Harvey has never encountered the Texan spirit. Even when the odds are against us, we are fighters and are more than ready to rebuild in times of crisis. As the saying goes, Don’t Mess With Texas.

For more information on how to provide support, and participate in the disaster relief, you may contact Mrs. Uwimana Marine at telephone number: (713) 587-3029

Together and peace,



Houston, August 29, 2017

Marine Uwimana, Minister

Rwandan People’s Government in Exile