Discover the Four Most Used Airports In Rwanda 

Travelling bugs always look for new places to explore. They usually want something new, something exciting, and something fun. Those who are familiar with Rwanda know that this country is a box of natural wonders, friendly citizens, and rich culture. It’s no wonder why people from all over the world flock to this East African treasure. That’s why the Rwandan government and its partners have been putting investments in its air transportation system. As a result, Rwanda has four prominent airports that cater to domestic and international flights.

Kigali International Airport

Rwanda is soaring when it comes to the aviation industry, as is the industry itself. Flying has never been more popular and plenty of alternative media streams have all been looking to cash in. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator game is the talk of the video game industry while Spribe’s Aviator online crash game has taken the casino industry by storm. Rwanda is a country that has also cashed in and made remarkable progress in the last decade.

If you ever set foot in Rwanda, you’re likely to land at the Kigali International Airport, situated in the heart of Kigali, the capital city. It’s the primary airport in the country, and it serves as a gateway for foreign diplomats, tourists, and investors.

In 2019, it had an estimated 2,231,462 passengers, which is a whopping 14.9% increase from the previous year. The airport has an impressive infrastructure, lavishing interior design, and modern facilities that can rival top airports in the world. The airport also has a wide selection of airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkey Airlines, Kenya Airways, and many more.

Kamembe International Airport

Kamembe International Airport is situated in the Rusizi district, Western Province, Rwanda. The airport’s strategic location makes it the perfect choice for those who wish to explore the country’s natural beauty, specifically the Nyungwe forest, one of the largest montane rainforests in all of Africa. It is also a key location for travellers coming and going via the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The airport continues to draw both travellers and investors despite its excellent passenger volume in recent years.

New terminal buildings, updated runways, and other facilities are the results of a recent substantial refurbishment of the airport. Additionally, because the airport is close to a military airbase, guests may occasionally see some breathtaking aerial shows by the Rwandan Air Force.

Bugesera International Airport

Bugesera International Airport is the newest addition to the country’s air transportation system. It’s situated in Bugesera district and can cater to up to seven million passengers per year as well as more than a hundred thousand tonnes of cargo.  It’s expected to open Rwandans up to new air travel opportunities and create better connectivity for the country’s economy. The airport is a partnership between the government and Qatar Airways, and it’s the first PPP project in Rwanda’s aviation industry.

Rubavu Airport

Rubavu Airpor officially opened its doors in 2019. The airport is located in the Northern region of Rwanda, near the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It serves as a gateway for tourists who want to visit the Volcanoes National Park, home to the endangered mountain gorillas.