By Gakwerere

The RPF/DMI terrorist organisation always note that they have 1000 ways of achieving any goal they set their focus to on, in kinyarwanda they always note “dufite amayeri 1000,” meaning we have 1000 tricks. When you look at modus operandi of DMI, you can’t stop to believe at this assertiveness by RPF/DMI.

Criminal Paul Kagame and his operatives are always looking for different ways to stay on top in terms of intelligence gathering, hunting and eliminating perceived enemies. Criminal Paul Kagame is totally obsessed with intelligence information. Over the years, he has paid milions in USA dollars for information, recruited operatives from different corners of Africa and other parts of the world for his Public Relations work.

After years of DMI using Ugandan and Kenyan passport as a guise to their criminal operations. In the last few years, his intelligence services have also used Mozambican and Malawian passports in their dark art of war.

Now, criminal Paul Kagame and his operatives are acquiring and using passports from Mali and Guinea Conakry for their operations. Rwanda has a large peacekeeping force in Mali which is operating in the country under the UN Umbrella. The Rwandan embassy in Dakar Senegal which operates as intelligence spot point in Western end of Africa is tasked with acquiring these passports for DMI operatives.

The Malian and Guinean passports are being provided to those DMI operatives/Rwandans who grew up/born in Francophone countries. Those who are french speakers.

For years, all top and middle ranking DMI operatives have used/have multiple passports; depending on their missions even the lower ranking operatives are given multiple identities/passports.

For the survival of his brutal regime, criminal Paul Kagame will always find ways to reinventing his ruthlessness.