Does Rwanda want Uganda to share her blood of refugees blames?

René Rutagungira

Uganda it’s high time to clear the image of her abused security institutions by Rwandan agents using police and other security organs.

Who is Sgt Rutagugira René aka Kanywamusai?

Rutagungira René was born in Burundi as a refugee and joined army and come to work with Gen. Kabarebe very closely.

He was among the killing squard that killed Assiel Kabera and after was in Congo desk serving James Kabarebe in deals of smuggling timbers and minerals from Congo to Uganda up to the time he run with cash of his criminal master in Uganda.

Late 2010 criminal Sgt was contacted by Ngarambe John aka Sexual pest to hunt down the group which was suspected to be of Gen. Kayumba and Col. Karegeya.

Via Congo desk and having worked with Col. Patrick he knew most of us even via our friends whom he came to kill like Ntabana Aimé, Ingabire Charles…..

In 2011 Rutagungira and his boss Ngarambe were introduced to General Kale via General Mugambage to hunt refugees that is how people like Pascal were almost killed, Sebakara, Karisa were hit by the hungry Sgt.

Up to this week after to much external diplomatic pressure of humanin rights agencies Rutagungira René had to be arrested in action.

What happened on arrest?

The man eater was waiting for victim from Europe of Rwandan orgin but security was tiped and Sgt got out for his mission as usual which turned to be bad.

Ugandan police who were to help the criminal in kidnapping of the refugee from Europe had to report to the same criminal police and called the wife to talk to Embassy on how to report and fabricate cover together. Now considering Kit report with monitor it proves how Gen. Mugambage killing machines are lossing base.

Despite of conducting assassins in Uganda has been on desk responsible for recruiting force against President Nkurunziza from refugee camps in Uganda.

The boy was such evil that was used in smuggling top M23 commanders to Kigali to fail mediation Ugandan government was responsible for in 2012.

Its to much one can’t put all criminal acts the boy was coordinating with his criminal commanders in Kigali including damaging Ugandan security image and scaring tourists and investors in the country.

Rutagngira René though you may be cleared I would advise you to get out of blood thirsty group or else you have shorttime to live