Don’t Let These Rwandan Braves Fade Away — This Picture Is Still Worth A Thousand Words

By David Himbara

The English language-idiom – a picture is worth a thousand words – refers to the viewpoint that a complex idea can be more powerfully conveyed with a single still image. Put another way, a photograph of a subject reveals its essence more effectively than a description does.

Look at this picture of Adeline Rwigara surrendered by Kagame security forces. Bible in hand, Adeline is balanced, upright, well-grounded, dignified, and unafraid. She is only protected by her convictions, the bibble, and her God. The Kagame men look confused and unsure of why they are arresting a brave woman.

Don’t let these Rwandan braves fade away — the benefits of their heroism will be realized in due course. Keep hope alive.