Election of Kagame’s Rwanda to Security Council is an affront to UN Values and Principles.

The vote in favor of Dictator Paul Kagame’s government’s bid for a UN Security Council rotating non-permanent seat by the UN General Assembly is an affront to all values and principles that that august body was built upon and is also in complete disregard to the suffering of all Rwandans under this regime.

It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that leaders of this regime had a hand in the assassination of at least four Heads of State in Rwanda itself, in Burundi and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and plunged those countries into a horrible cycle of genocide, counter-genocide, mass murder and civil wars and chronic insecurity and instability.

Several UN reports have documented systematic and repeated breaches of peace and security both at home and in the region. In October 2010, the UN mapping report showed this government’s involvement in gross violations of human rights amounting to possible genocide on its own Hutu citizens who had taken refuge in neighboring DRC.

This year, a detailed report by UN Group of Experts shed light on direct implication of this government’s military leadership in creating insecurity and instability in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Today, after an unsurprising ruling of the Supreme Court claiming the outrageous law on genocide ideology is constitutional when it obviously serves to suppress freedom of speech in the country, this regime’s court of law has postponed again its verdict but there’s little doubt that it will eventually handle a heavy sentence to the leader of our party, Ms Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza who has just completed two years in preventive detention on politically motivated charges.

All opposition leaders are either dead, in prison or in exile. The regime doesn’t tolerate any dissent voice, be it from political activists or civil society organizations.

In light of all this, to grant such regime a seat in the highest world organ in charge of peace and security is a slap in the face of humanity because it’s obvious that this military junta that has consistently and repeatedly stifled all collective and individual freedoms at home and created havoc in the east of the DRC will use this seat to defend its undemocratic domestic policies , consolidate itself and undermine all UN efforts to fulfill its mandate of bringing peace and security in the Great Lakes region.

United Democratic Forces (UDF-Inkingi) hails the forty five States who either abstained or voted against this criminal regime’s candidature and vows to work tirelessly to bring all other peace and freedom loving nations to realize that this regime is not part of the solution but part of the problem to the challenges afflicting the people of Rwanda and those in the Great Lakes Region.

For the UN, on one part, to indict the Rwandan regime through numerous reports of war crimes and gross human rights violations and on the other award it a seat on its highest organ is a serious contradiction that even may shed light on the underlying structural disconnection the world body suffers from.

Done in Brussels, October 20, 2012

Dr Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi


  1. Dr, U still doubting on what the UN is now? Let me tell u my friend. Now days, UN is like one of the departments of the country which hosts its offices. So other countries are simple followers. Frankly speaking, those Arabs countries and their leaders are right somehow when they try to ignore UN resolutions/laws coz USA uses UN to control worlds businesses (imperialism). Why nothing is done to stop atrocities in great lakes Africa region? Are Syrians and Lybians very important than Rwandans, Congolese,…Can we say they now have peace! So Dr continue ur fight don’t give up. Uncle Sam is like a snake, imagine to freeze 200,000Us$ as if it was a monthly salary of a Minister! Comeone! That’s why the guy laughed and said “it’s nothing”. The game is continuing…gaining a SC seat…while accused of undermining peace and violating human rights!!! That’s Uncle Sam and his UN my Dear Dr. Bye.

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