Erna Solberg should ask Kagame where is Emmanuel Munyaruguru

Major Emmanuel Munyaruguru is a Norwegian citizen originally from Rwanda who has be missing for almost a year by now since his abduction in Uganda by Rwandan intelligence services. This is the reason why the demonstrators against Kagame’s visit to Norway in front of Radisson blu plaza Hotel were carrying Munyaruguru’s picture as they wanted the Norwegian premier minister Erna Solberg to ask president Kagame the whereabouts of this politician and human rights activist man from the city of Tromsø located in the north of Norway.

Meanwhile news coming from the city of Oslo in Norway on this evening of Monday the 06th July, 2015 describes into details the crashes between President Kagame supporters and those who were protesting against Kagame visit to Norway.

Emmanuel Munyaruguru
Emmanuel Munyaruguru

After publishing the news about president Kagame visit to Norway to attend the Oslo Summit on Education for Development which is currently taking place at Radisson blu plaza Hotel in Oslo; Rwandan nationals in opposition to Kagame regime and their fellow Congolese and burundians have joined forces to organize demonstrations in middle of the Oslo city just in front of Radisson blu plaza Hotel where the Summit is taking place from the 06th to 07th July, 2015. The aim of the protesters is to demonstrate that they don’t support Kagame’s visit to Norway.

On the other hand, president Kagame’s supporters were already prepared, and add that is not just Rwandan nationals living in Norway; some of them came from Rwanda and other European countries on covered travel and accommodation costs by the Rwandan government. Meanwhile, some of those who live in Norway were threatened not to be given Rwandan passports, therefore  free drinks were prepared for them to just sit in the nearest bar where the Summit is taking place.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza
Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

In order to avoid the crashes between the two groups; the Norwegian police gave them two different areas where they could carry on their demonstrations. However, this didn’t stop president Kagame supporters to cross to the other side to provoke those who were protesting against Kagame visit to Norway. This caused some conflicts leading to crashes during which one of the Kagame’s bodyguard passed his hands through fences: “ he then torn Victoire Ingabire’s photo into pieces and took Major Munyaruguru’s photo”. Said demonstrators.

These photos were carried by those protesting against Kagame’s visit to Norway. Before escalating into violence; the Norway police rushed in and told all protesters to stop the demonstrations and sent them home. Meanwhile, Rwandan nationals in opposition to Kagame regime are planning to carry on again the demonstrations on the 07th July, 2015 in front of Radisson Blu Hotel from 10: 00 AM.

The news That the Rwandan has managed to inquire is that, beside Kagame supporters who came out of Norway; many of them were those who are afraid that their Rwandan passports might be taken away, those who were granted refugee status under false identities, and those who applied for protection claiming that they fled because of Kagame, without forgetting of course those who just come for free drinks and food and start dancing without the music by increasing the number of those pretending to be president Kagame supporters.

 Marc Matabaro

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