European Football 2020/2021 Domestic Preview: Which Clubs Will Capture the League Title?

We are now averaging a six-week return to domestic action for the leading European domestic leagues, but which clubs are meeting their board’s expectations and which clubs are failing to secure points early in the season? Let us take a preview at the English, Spanish & German top teams and how they are faring during the new season post-covid-19 outbreak. 

The English Premier League 

After six weeks of Premier League action, Merseyside and the West Midlands are claiming the top four positions. Liverpool and their outer city rival Everton sit in 1st and 2nd place. At the same time, Everton secures the 1st position on goal difference, and I would not expect Everton to maintain this form throughout the entire season. For sure, we have saw stranger things, but a 2-0 hammering from Southampton was a reality check for Everton and their over-confidence. 

West Midland teams Leicester and Aston Villa have claimed some well-deserved points early in the season, they both sit with twelve points in the 3rd and 4th league positions. Villa is the more surprising team following their relegation battle last season and should be ecstatic with four wins taken through their first five fixtures this term. 

The most surprising league positions early on must be Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United

11th placed Arsenal have split their six fixtures between three wins and three losses, while 13th place Manchester City have been held back through two drawn fixtures. Manchester United suffered two defeats and are still searching for the results they provided towards the end of last season. 

The Bookmakers Opinion: The opening favourites to win the league, was Manchester City, and they are still sat in first place in terms of odds. However, you can already find double the value since the season-opening price as their rocky start has affected the number. 

Manchester United and Chelsea odds have followed suit, nearly doubling in price, and offering a considerable higher amount of value in comparison to the pre-season future odds. 

The German Bundesliga 

After five weeks of Bundesliga action, all seems to be expected, other than RB Leipzig are the only remaining team that is undefeated. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayern Leverkusen have all claimed the 2-4 league positions. In contrast, Leipzig has been the only surprising result by surpassing all the above teams for the first-placed position. 

We should note, Leipzig has had one of the easier schedules and will more than likely similarly drop their winning streak to the Premier Leagues Everton side. We should expect Bayern to remain close and with Manchester United and PSG on the schedule for Leipzig within a week, that Bundesliga 1st place position could change hands sooner than we think. 

Schalke fighting a relegation battle with four losses and one draw was not expected, and their season-opening odds to secure a top ten position were favourable. 

The Bookmakers Opinion – The opening odds favoured Bayern Munich, and their odds have only become worse in value since their promising start to domestic action has one mistake in five games.

The bookmakers are currently favouring the top four teams in the league to be one of the clubs that claim the title, with a hefty price on Bayern Munich looking like the most probable outcome. 

Intertops shows us that the odds for Bayern Munich this season are terrible compared to last season. This would stem from Munich’s complete dominance throughout all competitions. 

The Spanish La Liga 

Seven weeks into the La Liga schedule and the worries that surrounded Barcelona are beginning to play-out. Two wins, one draw and two losses put them in 12th position. They remain as the 2nd favourites to win the league, and with their talent-rich squad, this is not surprising. 

Real Sociedad are defying the bookmaker’s odds, claiming the first place position in La Liga they are holding the champions Real Madrid to a one-point lead, however, Real have a game in hand and will claim 1st place if they are successful. 

Granada in 3rd place comes as a shock, but with a small number of games played thus far, I would not expect to see them sitting within the top five halfway through the season. 

The Bookmakers Opinion – La Liga odds have remained pretty much the same since the season began. Real Madrid is the clear favourites to claim the title but interestingly have moved up in value. Perhaps their lack of dominance raised the price?