Fashion Trends Today And Their Origin

Fashion is an industry that many love to hate since it changes so radically, and everyone always has an opinion of what someone is wearing. One person may be adorned wearing a fur coat in the sun, while another may be ridiculed for wearing the same coat. So, where is the line?

But that is beyond the main point we will address in this piece. Today, we look at a few fashion trends and uncover where they came from. So that the next time you put on you’re the best mesh leggings for your yoga class, you know where they came from, who wore them, and why.

Buckle up, and let’s begin.

Mesh leggings

Since we have mentioned it in the intro, it is only fair to start with it.

Mesh leggings are a sensational fashion item that women love to wear. You find ladies wearing them primarily as they are when they workout. Leggings, in general, are pretty lightweight and comfy, and we guess that is why they will never go out of fashion.

Both men and women have used leggings for extra warmth in different forms and under numerous names for ages. Separate hose and the trews of the Scottish Highlands were worn by males in Europe from the 14th through 16th centuries.

Some Native Americans wore buckskin leather leggings separately. Some French fur trappers, Long Hunters, and later mountain men embraced these. They’re James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales’ leather stockings. The Buckskins, on the other hand, were predominantly a dismal grey brain-tan. This isn’t the brilliant, glossy vegetable-tanned suede we’re used to seeing nowadays. Leggings were also frequently fashioned of light wool.

They did not really wear them meshed as we do today, but fashion evolves. Thus, we now have softer and more comfy fabric making these meshed leggings that you wear for a yoga session, gym session, or simply running errands.


Another fashion item that we keep seeing is the corset. Corsets are a sensation that has a fascinating history. They are worn as single pieces as tops with jeans, skirts, over shirts, and dresses. People have become so creative in using corsets that we know that they will never go out of fashion any time soon.

The corset was typically worn as an undergarment has its origins in Italy, and it was introduced to the French by Catherine de Medici in the 1500s. After her appearance wearing this waist-snatching and bust lifter, it was quickly adopted by the ladies of the French court. It was a form of corset that was tight and extended in the bodice and was worn underneath the clothes.

Today, they are no longer undergarments but worn as statement pieces. The fascinating thing about corsets is that they accentuate your figure and give you that hourglass silhouette. Some people also claim that wearing a corset can help you develop a better posture and even narrow the waist with continuous wear. However, the catch is to ensure that you get the best and wear them correctly to avoid back problems.

Take away

These two items have a rich history, and now you know where they came from. So, when you wear them, wear them with pride and share what you have read today.