The best season of Paco Alcacer’s career

Paco Alcacer is a famous Spanish forward, who proved himself perfectly at Valencia, but at Barcelona he could not realize his full potential. By the way, you can follow live football today on the sports statistics site and keep up with all the news about these teams.

The Spanish forward had his best season of his career at Borussia Dortmund. He joined Borussia Dortmund in 2018 on loan. To the surprise of many, Alcacer instantly joined the Dortmund lineup and immediately began to be useful.

It is easy to watch live football matches involving this team on the sports statistics website already today. As for Alcacer, he was mostly on the field as a substitute during the 2018/19 season. Despite this, the forward managed to score into the opponents’ gate 18 times. He was second only to Robert Lewandowski in the scoring race.

Borussia quickly bought the striker’s contract, and it seemed that he would stay in the team for long. However, he argued with the club’s management and then left for Villarreal in 2020. The forward was no longer as productive as in Spain. Although his period at Borussia was relatively short (just 2 years), the fans of the Dortmund club will long remember Alcacer’s brilliant game.

What helped the forward have a successful campaign?

The 2018/2019 season was really unusual for the forward. He changed the championship and instantly adapted to the new conditions. By the way, if you are now interested in the  Bundesliga tables, then visit the sports statistics website and start following the matches interesting to you. The rankings of the teams is constantly changing.

Returning to Alcacer’s successful season, it is worth mentioning the key reasons for his successful play:

  1. His speed was excellent. He had no problem running away from defenders and finding the best position to hit. Many of the forward’s shots were accurate.
  2. The presence of great partners in Dortmund’s attack. Sancho, Reus, Hazard, and many others regularly provided Alcacer with passes which he converted into accurate shots.
  3. Absence of psychological pressure. If at Barcelona he was constantly demanding results, here he could just relax and show his best football. Under such conditions, the striker’s performance noticeably increased.

Thus, in Dortmund, Alcacer spent a couple of good seasons, which surely remained in the memory and hearts of the fans.

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