FDLR condemns the arrest of singer and pianist Kizito Muhigo, his colleagues and other innocent Rwandans

To condemn the arrest of singer and pianist Kizito Muhigo, his colleagues and other innocent Rwandans being arrested on daily basis

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) is deeply concern by the Rwandan government led by Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) totalitarian behaviors, stripping it’s people of their basic rights, using terrorism tactics and arbitration for anyone who dares exercising his/her right of expression.

1. In effort to silence those who refuse to adhere to its sectarian and undemocratic agenda, The Rwandan government recently arrested an Artist, Singer and Pianist Kizito Mihigo and his colleagues Cassien Ntamuhanga and Jean Paul Dukuze Umuremyi, accusing them of collaborating with FDLR and RNC

2. FDLR condemns these acts of inhuman treatment to Rwandans by their own government, in addition to arbitrations in Northern provinces of Rubavu and Musanze, where Faustin Ndagijimana, Amiel Ndahiro, Jean Marie Nduwayezu and many more were arrested with false accusation to collaborate with FDLR

3. FDLR is committed to political negotiations and peaceful resolution for Rwanda problems, therefore we have no intention of starting conflicts or creating insecurity in Rwanda. And if it were the case, FDLR would not dare to enlist artists and journalists to conduct such kind of kinetic operation. As we put our arms down, RPF and president Kagame continue to terrorize the people they are supposed to protect.

4. It is every Rwandan’s right to choose his political affiliation. Supporting FDLR or any other opposition movement is neither a sin nor a crime in a free society. It is obvious that The Rwandan government has little or no interest in reconciliation of its people, when it arrests an artist like Kizito, simply because he is interested in justice and equality for all Ethnic groups in his land.

5. Due to the ongoing unrests and terror by the Rwandan government, people are fleeing their homeland in fear of being persecuted, taking refuge in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they can be sheltered by FDLR, even though they know for a fact that there is no any kind of assistance by UNHCR, or guaranteed security. 6. Persecution and terror tactics by RPF have to stop, and condemned by the entire world, those arrested and imprisoned because of their views have to be released, because if The Rwanda government wants to arrest everyone suspected to oppose their policies, ultimately they will have to arrest the entire nation. As of today Hutus, Tutsi and Twa, those who are fed up by their government’s oppressive attitude are numbered in millions, and the number is growing every day.

Masisi, the 19th, April 2014


Colonel Wilson IRATEGEKA


Executive Secretary, ad interim

Telephone: +24 381 145 2213 Email:[email protected] or [email protected]

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