Few Believe Kagame Stories These Days

Kagame travels far and wide to spread stories about his socioeconomic mirage. Here he was at Davos taking about government-business partnerships; ICT; and other infrastructure that he has built in Rwanda.

People listening to Kagame at Davos were yawning and bored. He seemed lost. This time Tony Blair who normally sits with him on the stage and answers some of the questions directed to Kagame was not there. Kagame was on his own this time.

Rwanda gets zero value from Davos. That is so because Davos is primarily a high-level business conference. Executives of global companies go to Davos to meet in person with partners and clients to make deals. Government leaders go attract multi-billion dollar investments.

Kagame goes to Davos for entirely different reasons. To boast about his achievements. And to gain access to Rwandan taxpayer money used to charter his executive jets from his Crystal Ventures Ltd.

Do not take my word for it. Determine for yourself what Kagame has ever achieved from Davos. All his large projects such Kigali Convention Centre and Rwandair are funded by loans – as opposed to private investors that assemble in places like Davos.

David Himbara