FLN urges human rights organisations to remain vigilant and investigate killings of civilians

PRESS RELEASE n° 2018/07/02

The MRCD informs the Rwandans, the international human rights organisations, the accredited members of the diplomatic corps in Rwanda, the neighboring countries, the East African Community (EAC), members of Southern African Development Community (SADEC) and the United Nations of the following:

We have been forced to undertake the unfortunate route of an armed struggle to end tyranny, brutal dictatorship, extreme social injustices between Rwandans and extrajudicial killings imposed to Rwandans by Kagame and his RPF oppressive regime.

We strongly denounce all acts of repressive killing perpetrated against innocent citizens by KAGAME and his security services. These despicable acts are perpetrated by officers of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) in the cover of the night. General’s Kagame’s security services are invading homes of innocent, unarmed citizens, torturing them before hacking them with machetes and looting all their properties. These heinous crimes are perpetrated in attempt to domestically and internally demonise MRCD fighters-the FLN and diverting away the sympathy of the population and that of the International Community. In Here are, among others places, the localities already affected by the said atrocities of the DMI in district of Muhanga: the villages of Murambi, Ruli and Shyogwe; Kamonyi district, Musambira, Gisagara and Nyaruguru.

It is paramount to note that, this is not the first time that the RPF and Kagame have committed atrocities of this kind and caliber: in July 2014, many extrajudicial killings victims were recovered in Lake Rweru where the agents of the DMI of Kagame regularly dumped their bodies.

In addition, through Colonel MUHIZI’s inflammatory speech while in Rwanda’s Northern Province dated-July 8, 2018, RPF and Kagame’s criminal plan was openly revealed. The careful and selective use of a Kinyarwanda term “KUBAKUBURA” meaning “SWEEP” was used to infer to a scotched earth extermination of innocent civilians in that part of the country and beyond. We unconditionally demand the RPF and KAGAME’s regime to stop this massacre of innocent civilians immediately.

We urge international human rights organisations to remain vigilant, monitor, investigate, denounce and condemn all extrajudicial killings of innocent civilians currently being perpetrated by the DMI and Kagame in an attempt to demonise FLN freedom fighters who, however, aim only to bring peace and concord for the Rwandan community as a whole.

We reassure all Rwandans that our FLN fighters are currently mobilizing themselves to only liberate Rwandans with a focus of restoring humanity back to our homeland. We call upon all patriotic Rwandans both inside and abroad to systematically organise and join the liberation struggle of their motherland.

Done at Nyamagabe on July 23rd, 2018

Maj. Callixte N. SANKARA


2nd Vice-President of the MRCD and Spokesperson of the FLN