Considering the current situation in Rwandan politics, it is clear that the administration of President Paul Kagame has reached an insurmountable impasse.

On the one hand, there is a section of “INTORE MILITIA” (a large group of Rwandan youths who are being trained into serial killers) to pursue the opponents of the RPF-KAGAME SYSTEM and kill them wherever they are on the earth. This section is allied with Rwandan embassies across the world and they have a large network monitored by ideological architects of the RPF who are a caste system made up with police officers, DMI operatives, RPF cadres and government officials in high places. These stalwart supporters of the declining RPF regime receive both orders and budget straightly from the Presidency of Rwanda.

On the other hand, there is a section of Rwandan opponents comprised in political parties and armed rebellions determined enough to topple the ferocious regime of the RPF that’s been in power since almost a quarter of century. Kagame knows that his numerous atrocities perpetrated against the neighbouring countries of Rwanda have turned him into the regional pariah to such extent that no neighbour would befriend him in case he’s invaded.

About nine millions of Rwandans are frozen with terror spread by the RPF regime and it seems that only the outbreak of war can be the last resort to restore peace in the country so long as Paul Kagame continues his hideous ambitions to further his dictatorship. For those oppressed nine millions, to join the opposition forces is the last hope for peace because the people are yawningly looking for something to liberate them.

Now the question remains to know what section is right. Between the Kagame side and the opposition side, who will win the impending war? After all, between the two sections, there is a section that’s ill-motivated by lie and there is another that stands on the truth. If the decrepitude of all States and governments is something inevitable, then the RPF should acquiesce to the reality of it being on the wane. Lie will not outlive the truth. Those who knock themselves down trying to rescue the sinking boat of the RPF are ignorant of the natural phenomenon. Even if nobody would stand up to fight the RPF, it would end up in self-destruction as to the finality of crime.

If Kagame wants a peacefully managed exit from power, he should come back to his senses and agree with the demands of the opposition which he has always refuted.

1. He should step down from the office and hand over power before things turn nastier. If Kagame is as patriotic as he claims to be, he should see that the prolongation of his overstay in the office is likely to trigger a great conflagration in Africa’s Great Lakes region while the events of pacification are just starting to unfold in Burundi and DRC where the Heads of States have officially announced that they won’t take a controversial third term.

2. Kagame should free political space and allow exiled opposition parties to repatriate and work freely in Rwanda.

3. He should release all prisoners of conscience and let justice reign even if all criminals of the RPF would receive their due punishments therein.

4. He has to abolish ethnic segregation and nepotism among all government institutions especially in the Police, the Army and in the Central Government.

If Kagame rejects these four points, it will supply a timely opportunity for opposition parties to coalesce and convene on forceful ways of establishing durable peace in Rwanda and pave the way to stabilise security in the countries of CEPGL. This view concords with the fact that recently Rwandan opposition parties informed the USA, EU, African Heads of States, international organisations and Kagame himself that they urgently need negotiations with the government of Rwanda or use whatever means including military forces to show that they object to the dictatorship of the RPF in case Kagame turns down their demands.

Now Kagame is already at war with one of Rwandan rebellions (FLN) and the war has almost lasted two months in Nyungwe National Park, South of Rwanda. However, Kagame has always terrorised the Rwandan media that they must not report about it despite growing figures of human losses on the side of his Army (RDF). It is true that his negation of negotiations will engage other major rebellions (FDLR & RNC) who, so far, are not warring against him. And as a matter of sense, the political parties and civil societies are also concerned about the lack of peace and democracy in Rwanda and can no longer endure such a dictatorship.

Of two evils, what’s the lesser shall Kagame choose? To accept negotiations and live at peace with fellow nationals or to refuse it all and sit in anticipation of the great detonation that is to come?

Let’s wait and see what the future holds for Rwandans!


Written by:

Jean Rukika 

A London-based independent activist

Friday, 17 August 2018