Forget RPF’s heavy weight parrots even their self crowned King Kagame cannot answer these questions

By Prof Charles Kambanda!

1. What does Rwanda manufacture? Where are the industries and factories?

2. You barely have electricity in the country. Are you saying that your ” industries” do not use electricity?

3. The economy you describe is inconsistent with the hyper inflation Rwanda is suffering from.

4. Why does your government literally mortgage the Sovereign for countless loans all the time, if your economy is doing so well? Rwanda is terribly indebted although almost all loans were written off in 2005.

5. About a year ago your foreign currency reserves dried up, that you required an emergency loan from IMF. A few months ago, your government rescheduled payment on your IMF loan; Rwanda is unable to pay the loans as scheduled. But you claim that the economy is doing great. You must be crazy. Aren’t you?

5. How can a country doing so well economically, have up to 60% of her children suffering from mulnutriotion related diseases?

6. Rwanda has less than half of the required classrooms for school going children. Refer to the PM’s recent analysis of the country’s education sector. Which is why children spend less than 4 hours at school; they study in shifts. … That’s not proof of a health economy you described above, right? You are not a liar. Are you?

7. A significant number of civil and public service employees go without pay for months. Most of those employees earn less than $100 a month. Correct. And that’s proof of a functioning economy, right?

8. Are you aware of rampant unemoyment in Rwanda? And that’s proof of the great economy you described, right?

9. With hunger and famine claiming so many lives through the country, the opposite of the economy you described above is true for Rwanda.

10. Balance of Trade and balance of payments is not speculative. List what Rwanda exports to which country and how much Rwanda earns. On the other hand, tell us what Rwanda imports for how much?